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Safemoon price prediction

The concept of this project is pretty interesting – to encourage people to hold onto cryptocurrency. We all know it’s not going to disappear any time soon. Vice versa, mass adoption is what the future holds for blockchains and digital assets. Particularly for this venture, SafeMoon represents a “value carrier” in order to resist volatility. 

This results in a form of reverse dividend for cryptocurrency owners and creates a somewhat odd paradigm. Theoretically, one could earn some money by having others sell the token while they kept it. Theoretically, you could even turn a profit as the cost of SafeMoon decreased overall.

Another case scenario here can be everybody holds their SafeMoon, very few people purchase or sell, and the value of the SafeMoon freezes. Investors are stuck waiting for a price increase that will never materialize, while holders are caught between the options of trading for a profit and holding for a profit.

The four fundamental roles of the SafeMoon protocol—which is community-driven—during each trade are reflection, acquiring a liquidity provider, a burn mechanism, and making a contribution to the ecosystem growth fund.

The main feature is its automatic liquidity provider function, which serves as an arbitrage resistance mechanism and secures the volume of SFM as incentives for holders.

Instead of using a conventional farming reward structure, the project promotes the use of smart contracts to automatically collect the liquidity used in decentralized exchanges (DEXs), which is further stored in custody separate from user control.

Additionally, SafeMoon provides a wallet with multichain storage, connectivity with fiat on-ramps, a contacts list, and a reflections tracker.

One thing to add here is that the project has been subject to multiple lawsuits in the U.S. Before jumping into the game, cryptopreneurs should do homework and get to know if it’s worth investing. For now, let’s get to the Safemoon price prediction

What does the future hold for the token? 

At present, the value constitutes $6.16e-9, while the 24-hour trading volume makes $117.16. You can always check for the real-time SAFEMOON to USD price at Godex.io. For the last day, the value dropped by 0.68%. The ranking is #978, and the market cap is $3 461 251. The supply in circulation makes 562 002 597 347 701, and the max one is 1 000 000 000 000 000 coins.

As we’re approaching the end of the year, we understand how predictions might be inaccurate due to factors that were previously impossible to predict. For example, the coin was predicted to close the year with the price point of around $0.0003552, which is now far from reality. 

What’s ironic, the ROI in 2023 is not expected to grow, promising just a zero percentage. The minimum price of SafeMoon is foreseen to be around $0.00000001, based on an analysis of SafeMoon’s past price trends. The SAFEMOON value could go as high as $0.00000001. On average, the same figure could be for a trade price as well. 

In 2024, the token’s worth might go up due to possible security and scalability developments. 

The rest might be handled by increased security volatility and interesting marketing campaigns, allowing buyers and sellers to realize profits.

Two years from now, the average trade price might be $0.0000044 and at the end of 2025 it can make $0.0000050. Chances are bigger for it to get a $0.0000039 price point, provided the token gets the pace with other cryptos. 

Where to exchange funds?

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