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Mommy Daughter Date: 8 Things You and Your Tween or Teen Can Do Together

The relationship that you share with your mother is one that is unparalleled by any other that you will ever have. Your mom gave birth to you, raised you, and helped morph you into the person you are today. While there may have been some rocky bumps along the way, the mother and daughter relationship is so special. 

So if you have a daughter of your own who is slowly creeping into those teenage years, you should cherish every second you can. While teenagers are known to be a bit challenging with their raging hormones, you can still plan plenty of fun and fulfilling activities with them. 

In fact, some of the best ideas for things that you and your daughter can do together are the ones that are simple. You do not have to spend a fortune to bond with your daughter–instead, you just need to make the time to do so. 

To help all the moms and daughters out there have meaningful time together, we have put together a range of great date ideas that will help strengthen that already unbreakable bond. 

1. Sign Up for a Cooking Class 

Spending time together in the kitchen is something that you and your daughter can easily do together every single day. So why not dedicate some time to bettering your skills together in the kitchen too? From learning the basics to discovering new recipes you can cook together like crepes or pasta, the two of you will have so much fun cooking away together. 

2. Go to a Yoga Class 

Tensions between mothers and daughters can get heightened sometimes. So a great way to diffuse the emotions is to chill out together at a yoga class. Both of you can discover how to become centered and follow the guidance of a skilled yogi. Plus, nothing beats bonding over a workout. You can top off the yoga class with a smoothie date. Talk about the ultimate balanced mother-daughter date. 

3. Shop A Lot 

One thing that many mothers and daughters love to do together is shop. Take your daughter out to get some new leggings for tweens so she can be a bit of a trendsetter and feel stylish and comfortable wherever she goes. She’ll love having the style advice of her mom too. While you’re out, don’t forget to get something for yourself too. Make sure to ask for your daughter’s advice in return. Swapping style secrets is an amazing way to bond. 

4. Check Out a Farmer’s Market 

If you are looking for a fun weekend date idea, head to the local farmer’s market together. Not only can you taste test all the local goods, but you can support local businesses too. This is a great date that can be extended well into the afternoon and evening as you can go to the market with the goal of getting produce to cook with. Don’t forget to pick out a bouquet of fresh flowers too. 

5. Dance at a Concert

Let your wild side out with your daughter and dance at a concert all night long. Let your daughter pick her favorite band and get tickets for the two of you. This date idea is a great way to morph the relationship into a friendship and gives the two of you a venue to truly have fun in a carefree way.

6. Visit the Spa 

Take the two of you out for a day of relaxation and wellness by booking a spa day. Sign the two of you up for pedicures, manicures, facials, massages, and any other pampering you desire. Not only will you have plenty of time during this date for girl talk, but the two of you will soak into a deep state of bliss–meaning no tween or teenage fights you have to deal with here. 

7. Have a Sweet Ice Cream Date 

Sometimes all you need is a little bit of ice cream to make everything better. There is something powerfully mood-lifting when it comes to enjoying a banana split or ice cream sundae. It must be the brightness of the rainbow sprinkles, the fluffiness of the whipped cream, and the sweetness of the ice cream. But an ice cream date is always a cute classic for any mother-daughter duo. 

8. Spend the Day at the Beach 

A great way to treat your daughter to a quality mommy date is to unplug from all your other distractions and be in the moment with her. There is no easier place to do this than at the beach. So call in sick from work, leave your laptop off and soak up the sun with your daughter all day long as the salty water trickles over your toes. 


With so many great mother-daughter dates to plan, what one will you be booking first?