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Looking for High-Quality Hair Dryers? What Should You Look For?

A hair dryer is absolutely a vital tool. It helps perfect your hair’s appearance. It’s a tool that’s often underestimated. However, it serves an important role in your hairstyling regimen.

Are you from a shower and want to dry your hair quickly? Or need to create the perfect hairstyle for the next memorable episode? Or are you after a reliable helper for your everyday salon chores? High-quality hair dryers can work wonders!

There are many manufacturers of hair dryers offering a range of products, so, how do you pick the right one to help you fulfill your hairstyling requirements?

Picking a high-end one can seem like finding a needle in a haystack but with some information, you can master the art of landing the perfect product. The common hair dryer traits that you need to look for include:

Type: Ionic, Tourmaline, Ceramic, or Titanium

Each manufacturer comes up with technologies that claim to offer professional results. So, what does ionic, ceramic, or tourmaline mean? Let’s find out.

Ionic Hair Dryers

An ionic dryer shoots negative ions. As it does so, the ions of water are positively charged. Scientifically, that’s why ionic dryers are more effective at scattering and basting up water droplets on the hair shaft.

This process helps prevent frizz while, at the same time, speeding up dry time. Working tirelessly to close the cuticle, the ionic feature removes moisture from the hair. The outcome of this is a sleeker and excellently polished appearance.

An ionic hairdryer can be a drawback in your hair care routine, especially when you have oily or flat hair. Also, this tool isn’t a perfect match if you’re after non-sleek hairstyles. Do you want volume for a sexier appearance with lift and movement? Go with a non-ionic hair dryer.

Tourmaline Hair Dryers

A tourmaline hair dryer generates negative ions. The main function of these negative ions is to speed up drying while, at the same time, minimising static.

Tourmaline hair dryers are either coated or created from semi-precious minerals. These minerals increase the amount of negative ions in the air. However, these dryers are pricier.

Ceramic Hair Dryers

Ceramic hair dryers are similar to infrared and porcelain. They’re designed to spread heat evenly and gently. Porcelain, ceramic, or infrared materials can be used to replace or coat a hair dryer’s plastic or metal heating elements, as well as other internal parts.

This ensures the heat is less harsh and consistent in temperature. Additionally, they generate negative ions to smooth frizz and speed up dry time. An infrared hair dryer is a bit unique. It takes advantage of longer energy wavelengths to penetrate your hair. As it does so, it dries it from the inside out.

Titanium Hair Dryers

Similar to ceramic, titanium distributes heat evenly. Also, it keeps the temperature steady. A titanium hair dryer isn’t recommended for damage-prone hair. However, it does speed up the dry time. It isn’t a perfect tool for damage-prone hair since it tends to make for a hotter dryer.

Also, titanium is lighter than ceramic. This is another reason it is a thoughtful choice if heavy hair makes your blowout a workout.

Key Features to Look Out for

Your hair dryer needs to have certain features to deliver everything you need. In line with this, experts recommend hair dryers with these key features:

  • Weight, size, and maneuverability: Before you buy a hair dryer, have a hold of it. Get a feel of how comfortable it is and see if it’s excellently balanced.
  • Multiple airflow and heat settings: Separate settings for air speed and heat will provide you with more control. Lower settings are ideal for styling. The highest settings are perfect for removing moisture from the hair.
  • Switches: Switches need to be accessible, well-labelled, and easy to operate.
  • Cool-shot setting: Offers a burst of cool air that’s supposed to be excellent for setting your style in place.
  • Concentrator: It narrows and concentrates the airflow where you need it. It is designed for controlled styling and spot-drying.
  • Turbo: The boost or turbo feature enhances airflow via the hair dryer to help speed up drying.
  • Volumiser/Diffuser: Diffusers with longer fingers, also known as volumisers, help add volume to all hair types by distributing heat to the roots. Diffusers with shorter fingers are designed and created to dry curly hair by spreading the airflow to stop frizz.
  • Hook: A hook will allow you to hang your dryer on the wall and keep it away from the wet bathroom.

It’s the right time to purchase a hair dryer from a leading provider. If you have an older one, you also need to replace it with a new model. The latest models come with key security features that will keep you safe and ensure your hair is healthy.