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Lacerations in Motorcycle Accidents: From Immediate Care to Long-Term Healing

There’s nothing quite like an invigorating motorcycle ride to quench the soul; only a select breed of motorcyclists knows this to be true. Unfortunately, a ride can go from calm to chaos in a New York minute. All it takes is one careless driver, and within seconds, you’re becoming intimate with the unkind pavement. Road rash and lacerations can put a biker out of commission for days, weeks, and sometimes much longer.

If a careless driver has injured you, talk to a Hartford motorcycle accident lawyer. Your concern should be with your recovery, not with mounting bills and a loss of income. Put your mind at ease and speak to a biker-friendly attorney today.

What To Do After a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accidents can be a devastating and harrowing event. Unfortunately, many lead to an immediate trip to the nearest emergency room, and that’s if their victims are lucky as many times they can be fatal. Broken bones, severe lacerations, and miles of road rash are common when passenger vehicles collide with an unsuspecting biker.

Gather Accident Scene Evidence

Although many victims of a motorcycle accident don’t have the luxury of preserving evidence just after a crash, if it’s at all possible, do it. Photos or videos of the accident can help prove negligence while providing visual evidence of your injuries. Seeking possible eyewitnesses can also prove to be valuable.

Your personal injury attorney can help you to gather the strongest evidence to prove your damages. Typical motorcycle accident evidence can include:

  • Photos of the accident scene
  • Photos of your injuries
  • Police reports
  • Eyewitness statements
  • Medical reports
  • X-rays, CAT scans, and MRI images
  • Pay stubs and work papers proving lost income and benefits

Seek Medical Care

While this may seem obvious after a motorcycle accident, some bikers feel they can dust themselves off to protect their egos. Even a less severe crash can cause serious injuries. When experiencing a traumatic event, the victim’s body is flooded with adrenaline, which can mask injuries and pain. To receive compensation for your injuries, you’ll need to provide a history of medical treatment as proof of damages, so seeking medical care as soon as possible is crucial.

Find a Biker-Friendly Accident Attorney

Attempting to seek compensation without your own legal team is foolish and will most likely prove to be fruitless. Imagine going up against a team of savvy insurance claim representatives whose sole purpose is to limit liability and dispute damages. Without a savvy personal injury lawyer on your side, you’re likely to be bullied into a less-than-adequate settlement.

Most personal injury attorneys offer a free consultation with bikers to discuss their legal options. If they feel you have a strong case, many will accept to take your case on a contingency basis. This means they’ll only be paid if you win a settlement, so there’s no need to fork over a costly retainer fee.

Stay Off Social Media

The urge to tell your harrowing tale on your socials could be incredibly overwhelming, but it should be resisted. Unfortunately, in some states, anything you post to the internet could be used against you, and insurance company lawyers can be unscrupulous when attempting to bat down your claims. Of equal importance are any photos you post. If you’re claiming life-altering injuries, that photo of you at your niece’s birthday party smiling could portray a much different story than your intention.

Continue Your Medical Treatment

Any lapse in your medical treatment or the postponement of therapy sessions for whatever valid reasons could be seen as either a denial of treatment or proof that your injuries aren’t severe. To obtain a settlement that covers your medical bills and other non-economic damages, you’ll need to follow your doctor’s orders to the letter of the law. Insurance companies will use anything they can to deny claims, so it’s important not to give them any reasons to do so.

Lacerations to Lawsuits: Ensure You’re Protected By Consulting With a Lawyer After a Bike Crash

Bikers on the wrong end of a collision often face a long recovery period. Many cannot work and earn an income, while medical bills and normal life expenses go unpaid. Within weeks, many find themselves drowning in debt by no fault.

Never seek compensation without consultation and guidance from an experienced, biker-friendly personal injury attorney. Fighting a powerful insurance company alone will result in a subpar settlement. To get the compensation you rightfully deserve, fight the powers that be with a savvy legal team of your own.