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How to troubleshoot common appliance repair problems

Are you tired of having to call someone to help you every time you have a minor maintenance repair needing done? Do you want to know how you can troubleshoot common appliance repair problems without having to call for help?

When an appliance in your home breaks, it can be frustrating. You may not know how to fix the problem, or even where to start. This blog post will help you troubleshoot some common appliance repair problems. We’ll provide tips for fixing them, as well as advice on when it’s time to call a professional. Let’s get started!

How to troubleshoot a refrigerator not cooling

Before you go ahead and call someone to come and fix your fridge that isn’t cooling, try these few things on your own. First you should check to see if the freezer is cold, and the refrigerator is not. This could mean it is just a problem with the cooling element for the fridge.

The next thing you should do is make sure that the compressor is running. You should also inspect the evaporator coils for dirt or ice build up which could be the cause of the fridge not cooling. A common problem when it comes to fridges not cooling properly is that the thermostat is not set correctly. Check your owner’s manual to see what temperature you should set your fridge thermostat.

If you are still having problems, reset the fridges power strip or circuit breaker and see if this help. However, if that doesn’t work, it is time to call a professional like this Winnipeg appliance repair service because it might be something that is beyond what you could fix alone.

How to troubleshoot a stove that isn’t heating up

If you have a gas stovetop, this couldn’t be a problem, however if you have an electric stove top, one of the most common problems people run into is that it doesn’t heat. The first step to take if your stove isn’t heating up is to check that it is actually plugged in.

You should also make sure that the stove is turned on. Many stoves have a manual switch on the wall that needs to be turned on before it can be used. If you are using a gas stove and it is not working, you may have a problem with the pilot light or the spark.

If it is and electric stove, check to see if there is power going to the outlet. There is a possibility that it is just the burner you are trying to use that isn’t working. Before you call anyone for help, try using a different burner. Make sure to clean your burners with a degreaser or oven cleaner, and if all else fails, call someone for help.

How to troubleshoot a washing machine that’s not washing

Trouble shooting your washing machine is also something that you can do. The first thing you should do is make sure that the water is plugged in, and that the breaker hasn’t been tripped. Make sure to remove any obstructions from the washers drainage hose and ensure that the water supply is turned on with enough pressure.

A common problem with washers is that the lint from clothing can get trapped. Clean out the lint filter regularly to avoid this. Try running a cycle with hot water and detergent to clear out anything that may be trapped, and if all else fails, look for appliance repair Ottawa to help you.

How to troubleshoot a dishwasher that’s not cleaning dishes

If your dishwasher is no longer cleaning dishes, it is likely that the food filter is to blame. The food filter catches any food that may be left on your plates when cleaning. If this filter is clogged, water is unable to spray and therefore the dishes will not get clean.

A simple fix is to remove the lower draw of the dishwasher and clean it out. If this does not work, it is time to call a professional.

How to troubleshoot a dryer that’s not drying clothes

There will come a point in time when your dryer is no longer working, but it could be something you can fix. Check to make sure the dryer is plugged in, and that the breaker has not been turned off. Make sure the lint filter is clean and clean the exhaust vent too.

When drying your clothes, try to evenly distribute them, and put the dryer on a high heat setting. If all else fails, call a professional to troubleshoot your machine.