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How to succeed in a career after graduation

It can be difficult for graduates to find a job. Even a diploma from a prestigious foreign university does not guarantee you quick employment.

Some employers favor graduates and understand that they do not have enough experience and knowledge. However,many prefer not to hire yesterday’s students at all. Also click here to read about career essay after graduation

To get a dream job after university, education alone is not enough. You must constantly improve, learn new things, develop and actively prepare for future work. While studying abroad, it is also important to take advantage of all its benefits. This will help you improve your career prospects.

Here are some tips that will help you get a job as soon as possible right after graduation.

Create a Written Career Plan

Start by buying a notebook or registering with an online service to create mental maps. You can also use Word, but this tool is too familiar and ordinary, and you need to charge yourself for serious thoughts. Think about your future career vision and try to draw a detailed picture.

If the picture does not work, then shorten the planning period or highlight several ways, options. The reference point can be a dream company or the career path of a top expert in your field, whom you look up to.

Also try to fill in the table, which comprises four cells: “My strengths”, “My weaknesses”, “Opportunities that I have” and “Threats/risks to my career”.

Promising development options. Make a list of actions that will help you move from one control point of the plan to another. Options: complete training, improve professional reputation and build a personal brand. Also actively engage in a network of professional acquaintances.

At each stage of planning, an outside view will be useful. A career consultant will suggest suitable development paths for you at the vision stage. It will help you find a new one that will bring you closer to the next checkpoint of the career plan.

Start working on social skills

Pay more attention to the behavior of other people and especially to the nonverbal signals coming from them. We often ignore them because we rely on words or because it’s easier for us not to think about them. However, nonverbal signals are truer and more accurate than spoken phrases.

There is a large amount of literature. They explain what lies behind nonverbal signals and how to learn to read them.

Do not miss opportunities to practice, but be very careful with unambiguous judgments: “He scratches his nose, so he’s lying”. In most cases, such direct logic does not work. Remember the advice of Sherlock Holmes. Do not jump to conclusions and do not build theories without collecting all the pieces of the puzzle. This applies not only to non-verbal communication).

It’s very good to practice on movies and TV shows with the sound turned off. Watch scenes whose plot you don’t know, and try to understand the moods of the characters, what the relationship between them is, and so on. The only condition is that the film/series must be of high quality to act. The better the artists play, the closer to life the exercise will be.

Do not miss the opportunity to establish communication. Such skills are gained only by practice, but it is important not to overdo them, especially at first. People should expand the circle of communications actively, but carefully.

We will highlight the ability to refuse requests and delegate tasks. As well as the ability not to dwell on problems and try to perceive failure as feedback, space for improvement, and new opportunities.

Explore all job search possibilities

It may seem like you are one of the few people who have lost their primary income. It’s important to remember that you don’t go through all the nightmares of finding a new place alone. Sending resumes, writing motivational letters and phone calls can make you feel it will constantly deny you. At such moments, it is worth treating yourself with maximum compassion. Do not consider the loss of a job a personal failure. Keep looking for work wherever possible.

To find a job quickly is normal, but prepare for the worst. If you rent an apartment alone, will you be able to find a neighbor for a few months? Are there any financial sources you can turn to? Perhaps, during the search period, it is worth finding a part-time job. This will allow you not to agree to the first vacancy with severe conditions, but to think a little.

If you’ve never made a budget before, the unemployment period is a great time to start. It is enough just to make a table in Excel and write all your permanent and mandatory expenses. Estimate approximately how long it will take to find a job, how much money you currently have left, and what you can spend in the coming period. By clearly understanding how much money you have on hand, you will experience less stress.

Keep improving

Rest is a basic way on the path to improvement. Since in a state of fatigue and fatigue, there can be no question of any development of intelligence and memory, as well as other abilities. Therefore, to begin with, start paying appropriate time and attention to your sleep. Healthy sleep is not only an excellent prevention of distraction, forgetfulness. And difficulty thinking but also increases intelligence and all mental abilities.

Often, each of us comes up with sensible thoughts and good ideas, but instead of trying to memorize them, as most people do, we advise you to write them down. In addition, you can also think in writing, think through prospects and options for the development of events, and make plans and lists.

This way you will use several parts of the brain and training will contribute to improving concentration. As for the analysis of information, its visual display will allow you to see the bigger picture and make the right decisions based on this vision.

Another excellent and easy way to improve is reading. People who read a lot of books always keep their brains in good shape and cognitive activity. Filling it with new information, they simply force themselves to grow personally. In addition, a well-read person experiences much fewer difficulties in communicating with others. Because literature carries information of a completely original plan. A well-read person with a developed outlook can be an excellent conversationalist in almost any situation.

Always try something new

Speaking about this, people mean getting out of their comfort zone. However this applies to all situations in which you feel insecure or nervous. So, if you get into a traffic jam on the way to work, then these familiar situations cease to be neutral for you, and you feel uncomfortable. Here, why leave the comfort zone, and what’s good about it?

Even though we all strive for pleasant sensations, a certain level of discomfort can be useful. Even the smallest inconvenience can push us to finish the work as soon as possible or improve the quality of its execution.