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How To Find Someone’s Address by Phone Number

It used to be a hassle to find someone’s address, especially if you had limited information about them. What’s more, it might’ve been next to impossible to find someone if you weren’t close to them. Plus, it’s awkward to ask someone where they live if you’re close to them or have already been to their home. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Today, finding someone’s address has never been easier. In fact, you can find someone’s address with only their phone number. Just make sure you have the right number, and you can get started in less than 5 minutes. Learn how below.

Can You Find Someone’s Address With a Phone Number?

Yes, you can find someone’s address with a phone number. In fact, it’s a simple process that requires a reverse phone lookup tool. You can attempt a reverse phone lookup on your own by calling a phone provider or Google. That said, you’ll have the best results when you use a people search engine like Information.com.

Are Reverse Phone Lookup Tools Legitimate?

There are dozens of websites and apps that claim to be reverse phone lookup tools. Some of these are more legitimate than others, and using the wrong one may cost you. We always recommend using a reputable resource like Information.com to avoid any problems. TruthFinder and some other websites may also provide you with good results.

How Much Does It Cost To Find an Address With a Phone Number?

Depending on the address, it costs between $0 and $5 to find someone’s address with a phone number using Information.com. It’s potentially free because the address may be displayed in the initial results, which means you won’t have to open the full report. Unfortunately, you won’t know definitively until you try.

Once you know what a reverse phone lookup entails, it’s time to start the process.

How To Find Someone’s Address With a Phone Number

You can learn more about someone with a phone number than you think. With the right tools, you can find just about anything, which includes their home address or business location. While some methods are better than others, the best choice is always a reverse phone lookup tool.

Our favorite choice for reverse phone lookups is always Information.com.

How To Find Someone’s Address With a Reverse Phone Lookup Tool

Finding someone’s address is simple with any reverse phone lookup tool. Though some tools are better than others so it’s important to avoid wasting time or money. For this reason, we always recommend using Information.com’s reverse phone lookup tool.

To use the tool, follow the steps we list below.

  1. First and foremost, visit Information.com and make your way to the reverse phone lookup section.
  2. Once you’re on the appropriate page, enter the phone number into the search tool.
  3. Select Search.
  4. You’ll see a few results from potential owners of the phone number. Select the person that matches your query. You can see their address at this point.
  5. To go further, enter known relatives and any additional information you’re prompted to enter.
  6. To learn more about the person, open the Full Report to learn everything you need to know.

You can usually see the address early on in your search (for free) if it’s available. However, your results may vary.

What Can You Learn About an Address With a Reverse Phone Lookup?

Reverse phone lookups are handy tools that reveal a lot of information about an address. That said, it’s best to use a reputable tool like Information.com for current and accurate results.

Below we list some of the common things you can learn about an address with a phone number.

  • First and last names of the people who live there
  • The business name if it’s a commercial property
  • The property value
  • Property taxes
  • When the home was sold last
  • Current and past residents
  • Phone numbers associated with the home
  • Email addresses associated with the home
  • If someone living at the property is a registered sex offender
  • Court records, like liens

Some addresses will have detailed reports, while others will have less information.

The amount of information an address has depends on its age and how many times it has changed hands.

Find Someone’s Address With a Phone Number Today!

When you don’t know where someone lives but you have some contact information, you never have to worry again. With innovative tools like Information.com’s reverse phone lookup tool, you can find anything you need about someone’s address. Plus, people search engines are great for learning more about the property so you can understand its value and the type of property (commercial vs. residential).