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How To Do Vape Tricks for Beginners

While vaping may be relaxing and beneficial in several ways, it can also be fun and exciting, even for beginners. There are several cool things you can do with vaping. We will show you some exciting vape tricks you can perform to spice up your vaping session or wow others around you.

Sounds exciting, right? There are lots of amazing vaping tricks you can learn. However, we will share seven beginner vaping tricks since you are just starting your vaping journey.

You can also move to another step-by-step guide to vaping and make your vaping sessions truly exciting.

Vape Tricks for Beginners

Blow O’s with your Vapes

You may have seen experienced vapers forming the letter “O” with their exhaled vapor, and you may be wondering if it is purely magical. There is nothing magical about blowing O’s with vapes.

However, it may require a bit of practice to enable you to do it correctly. Would you like to find out how it’s done? Okay, here is how you can form the letter “O” with your vape. You must take a puff from your vape device and let it be in your mouth without inhaling it.

The next step is to form the shape of the letter O with your mouth. To achieve a better result, create some form of pressure inside your throat before releasing the vapor.

Releasing the pressure with your O-shaped mouth brings out an O-shaped vapor. Pretty amazing. Check out this next vaping trick.

The Waterfall Vape Trick

Another relaxed style is the waterfall vape trick. Although the name may sound complex, it is a simple trick you can perform in three different ways. Anyone capable of legally handling a vape device may be able to carry out this simple trick.

The waterfall vape trick creates a thick mist with your vapor on a flat surface. However, you first have to release the vapor onto the surface slowly.

To perform the waterfall trick, allow the vapor to sit for seconds in your mouth before releasing it slowly a few centimeters away from the flat surface.

A powerful vaping device or a high vegetable glycerin liquid performs the waterfall trick more effectively because they provide thicker vape clouds.

If you have a simple vape device or use a PG e-liquid, do not worry. You can still perform this trick. Remember that you shouldn’t exhale the vapor but allow it to be naturally released gradually into the flat surface. You can complete the waterfall trick with any container or bottle.

The Dragon Vape Trick

When you hear the dragon vape trick, what comes to mind is a fire-breathing dragon or a situation where you release vapor the way a dragon does. Well, you may not be far from it because this trick involves the release of vapor from your mouth and nose simultaneously.

Not only pros can do this. You can try out the dragon vape trick and impress your friends. Here is how to do the dragon vape trick.

Puff vapor into your mouth and ensure your mouth is complete, then exhale some of the vapor through your nose and the side or corner of your mouth. Shut the center of your mouth without making the corners very tight.

Although simultaneously exhaling through your mouth and nose may seem challenging at first, with constant practice, you may be able to do so quickly.

The Tornado Vape Trick

You have seen the waterfall, dragon, and letter “O” forming trick. You may wonder what other tricks to perform with your vape. Wait until you see the tornado vape trick.

Once you can perform the waterfall trick, the tornado trick won’t be a problem. It’s a continuation of the waterfall trick.

After you must have released the vapor onto a flat surface, the next step is to scoop the vapor with your hand to produce an effect that resembles a tornado. It is a simple but fantastic vape trick you can perform to impress or entertain your friends.

The French Inhale Vape Trick

To learn a simple but impressive vape trick, you may want to check out the French Inhale Vape Trick. This trick may be more straightforward if you know how to give a French Kiss. That’s on a lighter note, though.

However, the way you position your mouth when performing this trick resembles one giving a French kiss. To complete the French inhale Vape Trick, you must puff vapor in your mouth.

Now, push out your bottom lip and take a slow breath before inhaling vapor through your nose. If you do it correctly, the vapor remaining in your mouth will also come out.

To perfect this trick, you may have to do it several times. Once you can complete this trick, you may progress to perform other tricks.

The Ghost Inhale Vape Trick

You may think this may be a scary trick from how it sounds. The ball-shaped like a vapor cloud produced when carrying out this trick, and the disappearing effect gives a ghost-like impression. Although this trick may seem complicated, it is easy to perfect with proper practice.

To perform this trick, pull the vapor into your mouth but avoid inhaling the vapor. Allow it to stay in your mouth for seconds before gently pushing it out with your tongue without exhaling it. Now, here comes the trick.

As you push out the vapor gently, suck it back into your mouth to create a disappearance illusion. You can also use this trick to perform more advanced and complicated tricks.