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How Much To Give At A Wedding?

Money is a traditional wedding gift. And this is understandable – you don’t need to think about what gift to give, and suddenly one of the invitees will provide it too, or the newlyweds don’t need it at all, although it’s expensive. How much to give at a wedding? Since much money is spent on a wedding, the couple expects to compensate at least part of the financial expenses. Or maybe they want to go on a honeymoon trip or repair the apartment, which is also expensive.

What Affects The Amount Of The Gift?

The first question that arises after a wedding invitation is how much to give at a wedding. Everything depends on many factors, but you don’t want to look stupid.

Consider the main factors affecting the wedding gift amount.

First of all, this is the degree of relationship with the newlyweds. If you are a close relative (brother, sister, nephew, etc.), the cash gift should be about 100-200 dollars, but the maximum is not limited. If you have a distant relationship, or if this is a cousin with whom you very rarely communicate, then the minimum is 100 – 150 dollars. Parents are outside the categories and give as much as they can.

How much to spend on wedding gift? Naturally, regardless of kinship or close friendship (affection), the financial capabilities of the donor are essential. Not everyone can afford to give a large amount of money or an expensive gift (refrigerator, TV, washing machine, etc.). Naturally, the newlyweds will be aware of the financial capabilities of the invitee. They will be delighted with even a small gift, given how difficult it was for you to allocate this money. If you are wealthy, you can afford to please the couple with a decent amount of money. Is $500 a good wedding gift? Yes! But you should be at most this amount, all the more so to show off your financial capabilities in front of other invitees, putting them in an awkward position.

If you are invited to the wedding of your boss (or company director), usually a wealthy person, then donate no money. Still, some not-very expensive souvenirs worth up to $ 75 – a decent fountain pen, purse, ashtray, lighter, a picture, a figurine, piggy bank, branded keychain, etc.

As an option for all of the above cases, you can cooperate with several invitees, for example, to give a more decent amount or buy an expensive gift.

When And How To Give A Gift At A Wedding?

You can give a gift to the newlyweds during several periods of the celebration:

  • traditionally, a gift is given at the beginning of the wedding, along with flowers (before the marriage is registered);
  • after official registration (or after the wedding, if such is provided);
  • can also be given before the feast, when all the guests have gathered at the same table.

Naturally, the money for a wedding gift should be put in an appropriate festive envelope and not be given openly. If this is a gift, it is advisable to pack it in a beautiful package and inscribe from whom so that when unpacking the skills, the newlyweds know who gave it to them. Save money on costly and frilly packaging if the facility is in the middle price category – it will look out of place because the packaging is almost always thrown away.

Summing Up

To determine how much to spend on a wedding gift, remember to consider the top factors influencing it. Of course, I want to please the newlyweds with a large sum, but it’s also not worth giving away the last money. The main gift in life is your attitude and friendship towards them, and the value of an estate cannot always reflect your devotion, love, and support, which are valued in life.