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How Is the Tri Screen for Laptop Revolutionizing Digital Marketing

Over the years, numerous industries related to technology have gone through a boom in research and development, leading to the creation of many inventions which have made many people’s lives very convenient.

One of these incredibly helpful creations is the laptop monitor extender. Although you can always get an additional monitor for your laptop setup, carrying a bulky monitor defeats the purpose of investing in a laptop in the first place, which is portability.

However, companies have devised a solution to this problem in a device especially catered towards laptops.

Products like the Trio Tri Screen for a laptop from Mobile Pixels offer laptop users the convenience of an additional screen to work with on the go while offering productivity.

Many industries have benefited from a trio of laptop screen extenders, and digital marketing is one of them. Let us discuss this in a bit more detail, highlighting how monitor extenders have made such a positive impact on digital marketers.

How Is the Tri Screen for Laptop Helpful to Digital Marketers

· Portability

The entire digital marketing sector involves advertising and promoting a specific product or service on digital media platforms. Researching and gathering viable information on the brand requires them to be on their feet.

Due to the frequent commutes, marketers have to make while on the job, they need to keep a compact and portable setup. However, this could not be done if they had an additional bulky monitor to carry around everywhere.

However, trio laptop monitor extenders are designed keeping portability in mind, with the majority of them having no excessive wiring, which is needed to be attached, and manufactured to be as light and compact as possible so that digital marketers can work with multiple screens on the go.

· Increased Productivity

Having multiple displays at your disposal is one of the most effective ways to be more efficient while working, increasing your productivity.

An increase in the number of screens available to digital marketers can help them focus and complete most of their assigned tasks at a much faster speed since they could research at twice or thrice the speed, depending on the laptop extender setup.

To formulate effective marketing campaigns on digital media platforms, they have to do extensive research on many factors, such as the latest topics on social media, all the while monitoring analytical information to determine their target demographic.

Due to this, having more screens would increase work efficiency and productivity because they would not have to keep switching windows mid-research and development, mitigating the risk of breaking their workflow.

· Data Sharing

Digital marketing is a joint effort. This means that many departments are working together to form an online advertisement, making it one of those jobs where seamless data sharing is essential to ensure there are no disruptions in the overall flow around the workplace.

Due to this, the tri screen for laptops has completely changed the game for digital marketers by allowing them to share data within themselves and other departments seamlessly without having them break their workflow.

With multiple screens, marketers can easily transfer and receive data valuable to their campaign without having to halt their operation, resulting in them becoming more productive on the job.

· There is Less Wiring Involved

Many people think that extensive wiring needed for connectivity is a factor that should not be considered. However, it should not be taken for granted when it comes to certain occupations, and digital marketing is one of them.

As discussed earlier, digital marketers must be on the go due to certain tasks, such as researching different locations for a potential photography campaign.

Due to this, they need accessories that do not involve many steps and wire attachments to enable them, which is why the laptop extender is the perfect display accessory for them.

With the tri screen for laptop, all you have to do is to insert the data cable attached to the extender to the USB port in your laptop, and you have your multi-screen setup installed.


Since the emergence of social media marketing, digital marketing has gained quite a bit of traction, which is why many accessories are catered to their convenience nowadays.

Keeping this in mind, these were just a couple of ways to how the tri screen for laptops is a complete game changer for digital marketing in terms of convenience and productivity.