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Hiring and Recruiting During the Time of Covid

A hard pill to swallow, we can’t help but admit that Covid-19 won’t leave us alone as soon as we thought. Conversations across board meetings have morphed into serious talks about how to initiate a certain kind of recruitment to job seekers. As abrupt as it may seem, we have suddenly had to adjust to these new trends initiated in both hiring systems and procedural structures in the workplace.

Regardless of how this new normal may still seem strange to you, companies are adjusting quite quickly to them. To get better clarity of the implications of the pandemic in the workplace, we’ll examine some new trends in hiring and workplace structure. Keep reading!

4 Ways the Pandemic has Changed Hiring Pattern in Companies

Here are four ways the patterns have changed:

1.    Now you have to deal with video interviews

It’s hypocritical to disagree this hasn’t become a necessity. This may be a huge relief to job seekers that dread face-to-face dialogues. Huge credit to covid-19. There’s lesser stuttering.

The truth, however, is, this hiring procedure has put a certain kind of strain on companies, as they now have to scrutinize deeper, to find credible candidates. Nonetheless, we are still choiceless, as virtual interviews seem to have come to stay.

2.    Company proximity, no longer a problem

The impact of covid-19 on companies have caused many companies to move their operations to the digital space. Talent recruitment hasn’t been left out. The pandemic has essentially proven to the world that geographical location doesn’t have to limit recruitment. It turns out that companies can be exposed to a bigger talent pool in their search for “ideal candidates.”

3.    Tech industries are attracting more talent

This is arguably the most glaring recruitment trend we have witnessed in 2020 and 2021. This is no shock as the world is expanding digitally to accommodate fresh tech ideas. The industry hence is booming. This is especially true in a time when the world is threatened by a deadly pandemic; technology has become more useful than ever.

Many tech companies are seeking out young talents to fill up positions. The flexibility of how they successfully pick the right set of skills is simply due to the nature of the job potential employees are meant to do execute. The key thing prospective employees have to do is to remotely send out portfolios of previous projects they’ve taken on. What else is cooler than this?

4.    Hiring has become less rigorous and time-consuming

Unlike before, HR teams had to put in a lot to physically organize interviews and selection tasks for potential employees. Since the pandemic, companies have been forced to improvise more time-saving ways to hire candidates.

Work-from-home Trends most Workplace Have Adopted

Besides recruiting, several companies have gradually transitioned into remote work for their staff on a full-time basis. This monumental shift has created new ways people can express their skills wherever they are. Let’s have a look at the trends that have resulted from this massive shakeup.

1.    People can now spend time with their pets

Unlike in previous times when people had to hurry out while waving hastily to their little dogs or cats, the pandemic has now brought closer, most people to their cute chihuahuas, Persian cats or Hamsters. The world has never witnessed a better human-pet bonding period than this time.

It is now very common to see people during their work breaks making videos of them cuddling or feeding their pets and posting them on social media. Perhaps the pandemic is not all downsides and pets have something to be grateful for.

2.    More flexible work time

Working from home have helped people allocate more non-work hours to domestic activities. A lot of employees can now squeeze out time to tend to their kid’s needs or make proper meals for them. Companies have also started considering lessening work burdens on their employees as long as the job/project allocated to them has been executed.

3.    Cloud-based Technology is now taken more seriously

As companies are striving to create seamless remote working experiences for their employees, they inevitably now have to look at the way of cloud technology. Cloud-based HR technology is now of growing popularity as this software have virtual hiring, employee onboarding and other tools that make remote work more efficient.


Certain traditional responsibilities have been taken off the hands of HR teams due to the pandemic. Indeed, the pandemic is a catalyst to a huge and unprecedented outburst of digital improvisations.