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Form Filler Software vs. Manual Form Filling

Using form fillers to automate marketing can help you succeed in business. But so can filling forms manually. So, why automate the process? What benefits do you get?

The first benefit is saving time. Automation means delegating tedious jobs to software. And computer software can do a job 100x faster than a human being. Beyond saving time, these are the benefits of using an AI form filler for online marketing.

A Great ROI

In the grand scheme of things, ROI is all that matters when reviewing a marketing campaign. Automation delivers a 53% better conversion rate than a manual approach, according to Autopilot HQ.

A higher conversion rate leads to more customers and higher revenues for your business. Crucially, automation delivers faster results than conventional marketing.

Automation means you can send your business proposals to a lot more leads. In turn, you can close far more deals compared to filling out contact forms manually. Considering form filler software only asks you to customize your message once, there’s no doubt automation is a much better option than manual outreach.


Far too many people fear automating form-filling because they think it’s expensive. Quite the contrary, you can automate market outreach at a low cost. However, don’t necessarily select the cheapest provider.

Some companies will charge you the absolute minimum, but they have no way of quantifying results. Then there are expensive web form automation tools. Go for reasonably priced companies that can help you measure results.

You want to know whether your messages were sent successfully. Also, it’s in your best interest to discover why the software couldn’t deliver certain messages and what can be done to increase efficiency.

Minimizing Human Errors

Automation saves online businesses $62.4 million every year according to a report by Comtec. An automated form filler will do the job it’s instructed to do repeatedly without making erroring.

Unfortunately, we can’t say the same about human beings. If you have 100 web forms to fill and send in one day, chances are you may make a few mistakes along the way. And who knows? Forms sent with errors could cost your business a lot of money.

Besides saving money, automation relieves your staff of the burden of knowing they cost your business profits. In fact, it can help you increase efficiency in the office now that your staff will be focused on other marketing aspects like brainstorming.

Increasing Employee Morale and Retention

Far too many people quit because they’re tired of doing the same office tasks repeatedly. Automation solves this problem. Let’s say you have an employee whose job is to find leads and send pitches through web forms.

Filling out contact forms is not a difficult job. However, doing it over and over can become monotonous. It can also reduce employee morale now that their job is boring and repetitive.

Automating form filling can not only improve your employee’s morale, but it could also improve their productivity. More are more likely to keep their jobs if they feel the work is productive.


Automation is designed for unlimited scalability. On the contrary, manual processes have a limit. You may have a dozen marketing employees. But they can’t outdo software in prospecting and sending outreach messages.

An AI-powered form filler can send proposals to as many websites as you want. And it can do this every day of the week. All you need is to select websites that could be ideal customers. More importantly, craft persuasive messages.

Speaking of persuasion, you can personalize proposals sent through an automated form filler. Picture this. Websites contain crucial details of key personnel. As such, you can include the site owner’s name in your pitch.

If you’re pitching to businesses that target a specific industry, it’s even easier to personalize your messages. All your clients probably have a similar problem your business can solve.

Client Satisfaction

After you’ve sent your initial business pitch, some leads may respond to you. These people expect quick responses if they’re to get in business with you. Automation makes client satisfaction possible.

You can respond to hundreds of clients in a few minutes. And as mentioned, you can use software to personalize your responses. This way, clients will value understood and valued.

With that in mind, you will probably need more than one tool to automate different marketing processes. A form filler can help you reach a wider audience and speed up interactions with customers. But you need a different tool for filling orders and helping you discover leads that are most likely to turn into customers.

Maximizing Productivity

As we mentioned earlier, form fillers can handle a lot more work than humans. That means more potential clients contacted and a higher conversion rate. Form fillers do not rest.

You can send pitches to businesses as many times as you want. And since these bots follow a set of rules, they have little to no room for error. The only mistake a bot might make is an error related to how it was programmed.

With no errors and a faster processing speed, automation leads to more customer acquisitions and higher profits. What’s more, you can track your marketing department’s performance now that it’s easier to keep records when using the software.

Cleaner Data for Smarter Decisions

When you conduct an outreach campaign manually, it’s hard to keep track of your data. And because you’re bound to make errors, you can’t really know how to improve your success when marketing.

Automation helps you gather clean data you can use to improve productivity, conversions, and sales. A form filler tool can help you keep track of pitches sent, responses, and revenues made in the process.

With big data at your disposal, you can discover which websites to contact the next time you want to conduct outreach. You will know how to craft your messages and what to do to close deals faster.

In other words, automating web form filling is worth every penny. It may cost you a small monthly fee. But its benefits far outweigh its drawbacks.