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Five Pointers to Help You Choose the Right Incontinence Products

Ensuring the proper fit of a loved one’s incontinence product is essential to uphold comfort and efficacy. Wearing an incontinence pad, diaper, or pants that are too large can lead to leakages onto clothing and skin irritation from chafing. Conversely, ill-fitting products that don’t cover enough area will be unable to deliver optimal absorption capabilities, resulting in odour issues which can negatively impact your loved one’s self-esteem. To ensure you choose the right incontinence aid, here are some helpful tips that guarantee maximum comfort and functionality.

Identify leakage type 

The first step in choosing the right incontinence product is understanding an individual’s leakage type. Is their incontinence stress-related? Overflow related? Or a combination of both? Knowing what type of leakage they suffer will help determine the right product to address their needs. For example, if your loved one has stress incontinence, a pad or liner may be best for light leakage, but an adult diaper or pull-up may be better for heavier flow. You can check out MoliCare’s product line finder to see what suits your loved one best.

Consider lifestyle and mobility. 

No matter the lifestyle of your loved one, it is important to consider how active they are when selecting an incontinence product. Pull-ups are ideal for anyone with an active lifestyle, as they are designed for superior flexibility and freedom of movement. On the other hand, if mobility isn’t a concern, briefs typically provide superior absorbency levels that may be more suitable. Considering a person’s lifestyle and mobility will help you select the right incontinence product for their needs.

Choose the right absorbency capacity. 

Choosing the right absorbency capacity for your loved one’s incontinence product is key. Too little capacity won’t be able to do its job properly, whereas too much capacity can cause discomfort and make for an overly bulky solution. Considering their needs when deciding on the absorbency capacity is important, as everyone has different requirements. 

Prioritise comfortable fitting 

When choosing an incontinence product, comfort should always be one of the most important priorities. Bulky and uncomfortable protection can get in the way of a person’s day-to-day activities, so find a product that fits snugly against their body and won’t move around. Different brands offer a variety of sizes, so pick one that is just perfect for a loved one’s specific body frame. You don’t want them to feel constantly hindered by their incontinence aid when doing their daily tasks.

Consider reuse vs disposable option.

Reusable incontinence products are becoming increasingly popular as they are more cost-effective and eco-friendlier than their disposable counterparts. If reusable products sound like something you’d be interested in, look out for ones that are easy to clean, durable, and have waterproof covers that provide extra protection against spills or leaks. On the other hand, disposable products offer more convenience as there’s no need for washing after use. Instead, throw them away when they become soiled or wet.


Selecting the right incontinence products can make all the difference in how comfortable and confident people feel managing their condition daily. By considering these five pointers, you can find an incontinence solution that will improve your loved one’s quality of life.