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Extended Vacation Packing Tips: How To Pack Light For A Long Stay

Everybody loves a good long vacation, but not many enjoy the packing. Going to a new place means you are not sure about the weather. Get some research done before you leave to cover all your packing needs.

Short-term rental suites in Toronto provide a more personalized travel experience while reducing your expenses. Families and individual travelers find that these accommodations offer greater freedom, space, and comfort.

A holiday is a time to have fun and relax; it is always possible to make your vacation more enjoyable. Leave those stresses behind and escape into vacation mode by traveling with people you get along with, packing appropriately, and staying flexible.

A 3-week stay might look like two bags and a carry-on to some, but with these tips, we can reduce your luggage to make carting it around simple.

Choice Of Luggage

Packing like a minimalist starts with little steps, the size of the bag you buy. When you stick to carry-on-sized backpacks, you will be forced to pack light and sensible to accommodate your space. It doesn’t matter how big your suitcase is; you will fill every space available.

Traveling with a regulation carry-on bag helps you to avoid paying extra for the airline to accommodate your luggage. Many will opt for packing cubes for their long trips. You can also compress your belongings with these nifty devices, making a lot seem smaller.

Neutral Shoes

With shoes being so purpose-specific, selecting just a few pairs for a trip lasting several weeks to several months becomes exhausting. But it is worth it to keep your pack light.

We would suggest a maximum of three pairs of shoes, one you will wear, and the other two will be in your case. Stick to multi-duty pairs of shoes so that every occasion is covered. A good pair of walking shoes and some sandals will keep you packing light.

Flip-flops don’t take up much space and should also go with you, especially if you are staying in hostels or campsites. They are great for communal showers! Nobody wants to catch a nasty foot fungus.


Now let’s just be honest here, laundry is inevitable in life. If you are going to pack light, be prepared to do some laundry on your holiday, even if it’s just washing socks and underwear in the shower every second day.

Rolling your clean, wet clothes in a towel and twisting them is a good idea. This transfers water from your clothes to the towel to lessen the drying time of your clothes.

Stay on the lookout for affordable laundromats near you. They will generally have washing machines and dryers. Staying at an Airbnb could mean having regular access to a washing machine for your laundry needs.


You don’t have to go without your favorite shampoo and lotion; you might be able to find travel-sized toiletry kits. You might even come across some DIY solutions.

Remember to empty your wallet of your loyalty cards; chances are you won’t need them. Enjoy yourself and make the most of your trip.