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Exploring the Three Types of Love

Three Types of Love

The word “love” often brings to mind a single emotion. But did you know that there are actually three distinct types of love? From the carefree passion of eros to the unconditional love of agape, understanding these three types can help us better appreciate and cultivate meaningful connections in our lives. Let’s take a closer look at each type of love and how it can manifest in our relationships.

Eros Love

The Greeks coined the term eros, which is derived from the Greek god of love and fertility. Eros is passionate, intense, and all-consuming — think powerful chemistry between two people that can’t be denied. It is exclusive, and often associated with physical attraction or sexual desire.

When we think about two people madly in love, we typically imagine eros — like those heady days spent lost in each other’s eyes or stuck together with honeyed kisses. While eros is a beautiful thing, it can also be fickle; when its energy dissipates, so does the relationship.

Philia Love

The Greeks also named philia love after their goddess of friendship. Philia represents connection through mutual trust and respect — think best friends deeply committed to each other’s wellbeing.

It is a calmer form of love than eros but just as powerful in its own way; philia is often considered the foundation for life-long bonds such as marriage or family ties. Philia requires effort to maintain; if one person fails to invest in a relationship over time, such as by not showing up for important events or being unreliable when needed, then philia may start to fade away too.

Agape Love

Agape was named after a Greek term for “unconditional love” or “divine grace.” Agape is both selfless and generous — like taking care of an elderly relative despite limited resources or supporting someone undergoing tough times without expectations for anything in return.

It does not rely on physical attraction nor mutual respect; instead agape centers on compassion towards another person regardless if they are deserving or not.

Agape may be found among close friends or complete strangers alike; it doesn’t matter whether you know them intimately or from afar because it comes from within yourself instead of relying on external factors for its existence.


Ultimately, understanding these different types of love helps us appreciate what great lengths humans will go to show affection towards one another — whether through intensity (eros), commitment (philia), or humility (agape). With this knowledge at hand we can cultivate meaningful relationships that bring us joy and foster growth throughout life’s many ups and downs!