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Experience Instant and Effortless Cropping with CapCut Online Photo Editor

A point comes when editing your images or videos where you need to get rid of some part of the image or video. This is because it does not make sense and does not reflect what you want from your images or videos. Here, the cropping function serves you the best. Many online video/image editors allow you to crop out the unnecessary parts. But the CapCut online photo editor allows you to do so effortlessly.  Wondering how it helps you to do so? This short piece of text will help you unveil the key facts in this regard. So keep reading.

Mapping Out Enticing CapCut Features

In this section, you will raise the curtain with top-notch features that you can harness:

Instant Cropping

Whether you want to edit or remove the part or portion of an image or video. CapCut online image/video editor allows you to do so quickly. After selecting the video file just right below the file, in the bottom right corner, there exists a split option. Drag the selector to any position you want. After that, click on the split option. You can custom-select any part or portion of the video. After that, just select the part that you have split out and delete it.

Similarly, for images, you need to select the image file. Selecting the file will make the crop function appear on the top. Clicking on the option will reveal the size in which you want to crop. You can choose any size that suits your project. After that, click on the crop tab again to finish cropping. This is how CapCut allows you to crop out your images or videos instantly.

Size Changing Made Easy

The size of the images or videos greatly matters. This is because different platforms that exist on the web enable the upload of the file in a particular size. Uploading the file over or under the optimum required size will make you reduce the impact of your images or videos. The CapCut online image/video editor allows you to change the size either before or after the editing part. This is incredibly useful. You can convert one design to several different sizes for different end platforms. All of this and more without creating the design start from scratch. This way, you can save up your extra time.

Effortless Background Replace/Remove

The CapCut online image/ photo editor allows you to change the background effortlessly. An option exists to add up the custom background. You can put colors, text, stickers, or shapes in the background of your videos or images. For the image background, you need to select the image file. After that, you can access the background tab from the extreme left vertical bar. Clicking on it allows you to remove the present background and put anything you want in place of this background. You can even create transparent background for ecommerce products. Similarly, for video, you have the option to blur the background or change it from the existing list of backgrounds. CapCut allows you to do this intelligently because of the AI-enabled features. It does not require any extra effort from your side to put in.

Crucial Steps on Usage of The CapCut Online Image/Video Editor

Using the steps given below, you not only have a background but do a lot more.

1.- To edit the video/image files, first of all, you need to gain access to the online CapCut editor. There are two ways to do so. One is to search on any browser for the term “CapCut online image/video editor” or “CapCut creative suite”. The second way is just to search CapCut and go to the main site. From there, utilizing the main menu bar, go to the tools and then to editors. From there, you can click on “Online Creative Suite” to access the online image or video editor. Please note you need to sign up or join the toolkit before using it. There are three ways to do so: one is by Google, other is by TikTok or FB account.

2.- After joining, you can tweak the existing file that you have at your end, or you can also create a new file starting from scratch. For that, you can choose the size of the file first. There are different sizes to select from the list or use a custom size.

3.- The next thing that comes on the steps list is the editing of the file. You can edit your designs the way you like. You can access the extreme left vertical bar to use different functions. The key functions include the audio, text, frame, transcript, text, etc. You can embellish your video file the way you like.

4.- In the end, there comes the exporting of the video. Here, you have four options, including setting up the file name, quality of the video, and frame rate. If you want to use the presets of these options, then simply click on the export tab. This will help you get the file in your system.