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Doratoon| A Cartoon Maker Convert PPT To Video In 3 Easy Steps (Software)

Video making is becoming more of an art than a hobby. Furthermore, the introduction of several video-making softwares has eased the process too. Whether you are an amateur cartoon maker or a professional, these softwares come in handy.

One such application that can be used to create terrific animations is Doratoon. It offers several features along with guidelines to help the user create animated videos in no time. Moreover, even if one has to convert a presentation into a video, Doratoon will not disappoint.

So, how else can you use Doratoon to improve your cartoon-making skills? Let’s find out!

Doratoon – The Best Animation Video Maker

As explained previously, Doratoon is a free animated video maker that is equipped with tools to create all kinds of animated videos. Whether you want to create a monochromatic video or add all the colors to it, you can use the vast color pallet of this application. Moreover, in case you are out of ideas to create a video, visit Doratoon’s official web and you can find several templates and video ideas that can be used to start the process.

Apart from this, it offers the feature of creating characters yourself. Here, you again have 2 options. You can either create characters from scratch or use the smart characters and make changes to them as per your story. Therefore, even if you have just started creating animations, Doratoon can help you create professional-level ones in no time.

Using Doratoon To Convert PPT To Video

You can create an excellent PowerPoint presentation but there is a very high chance that your audience will find it simple and boring. On the contrary, an idea or a concept told as a story in the form of a video will catch more attention.

Hence, you can use Doratoon and convert your ppts to videos. This way you can keep your audience glued to their seats and get your point through to them in a very effective and long-lasting manner. So, how to do it? Let’s go through the steps.

Step 1: Import PPT

To start, you have to visit Doratoon’s official web and log into your account. After this, go to the ‘create’ option and select the ‘presentation video’. Here you will get the option to create a video from the ppts. For this, import the ppt slides that you want to incorporate into the video. You can always change the sequence of slides in your video. However, it is good that you import them in the sequence you want them to be in the video.

Step 2: Add Sounds And Effects

After importing the required slides, now it’s time to breathe some life into it. For this, you can start by adding music and sound effects to it. Apart from this, you can also add a good background and change the color scheme. To make it even better, you can make use of subtitles so the audience can understand it well. Lastly, if needed, there is also the option of adding animated characters. Hence, all in all, explore all the tools and use them as per your need to make the video stand out.

Step 3: Save And Use

After adding all the required details to your video, you can preview it to see how it will feel to the audience. Moreover, you can also control the speed and movement of characters. Once done, all you have to do is export the video and download it to your device and you are good to use it. Apart from this, you can also share video links on your social media and publish them wherever you want.

Why Use Doratoon As A Video Making Tool?

Still not convinced as to why use Doratoon to create online animation? Let me walk you through several other benefits of this application and then you can decide for yourself. So, let’s get this engine revving.

  • 1000s of customizable templates from every field whether business, medical, art, or engineering
  • Option to create characters from scratch or use Smart characters for easy creation
  • Royalty-free music library along with a number of sounds to help you make your video stand out
  • Option to add computer-generated effects wherever needed
  • Text to speech option helps you create tailored content without any delay between the transition
  • Multilingual video is possible with subtitles added
  • The application is compatible with several devices
  • Ability to export and download your video with just a single click
  • Option to publish your video on the web and share its link on your socials for exposure

To Wrap Up

With several video animation softwares out there, it is hard to choose the best one. However, Doratoon has been in business for several years now which means they have been doing something right. Moreover, this application has such a user-friendly interface that using it will not tire you. Hence, use the application today and see how easily you can convert your simple PPTS into interesting animated videos.