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Convenient and Sustainable: Addmotor M-81 Cargo E-bike

E-bikes are a great way to upgrade your daily commuting with their eco-friendly nature and reliable options in the market. They are easy on the pocket and save you all the trouble of maintenance costs. The market is open to integrating new features and making these e-bikes more reliable than ever which can certainly help you recognize your wants and needs in a vehicle.

Addmotor makes sure to incorporate your expectations into their products and provide you with the best experience possible. Out of many e-bike options offered by them, the features are integrated in a way that provides enhanced safety durability, and convenience. Speaking of which, Foldability and cargo space extension are some of the most prominent features in most of them.

But if you are an adventure enthusiast then you would need something more than what standard bikes offer. In terms of cargo space and adventure-friendly design, the Garootan M-81 is your go-to. This cargo electric bike is an all-in-one solution for your trip needs as well as daily commuting. So let us see in detail what makes this e-bike an ideal choice for your exploratory soul.

Level Up Your Pull-Up Game With A Stylish Design:

The manager who hasn’t noticed your work yet will notice your e-bike for sure. Undoubtedly the stylish exterior and modish design are not something to overlook. M-81 is available in striking colors paired with seamless joints and delicate looks. It is a great choice for exploring outdoors and riding through the city because of its sustainable exterior.

Moreover, the M-81 features an adjustable U-style handlebar which is not only visually appealing but also gives you the freedom of finding the perfect upright sitting angle. Ride in style to your office place with comfortable seating and adjustable position.

Delivering Power More Than Ordinary:

Having a motor that delivers is like having a friend who always cooks well. This newer and more advanced 750W rear gear motor assists the e-bike in achieving stable drive and better heat dissipation. The inner ring improves its heat resistance and is quieter than what you experience in other e-bikes. Ride safe and sound with the all-new M-81 cargo e-bike.

Carry Your Loads Better Than Them:

The prominent features of the M-81 electric bike are its cargo space extension and ease of transportation of loads. Having a compact e-bike that lets you carry an extra few things for your weekend getaway is no more than a blessing. Or sit your kids on the e-bike and have a mini tour around the city. M-81 makes it possible with its integrated rear rack which helps you carry some extra load while riding comfortability. The highlight is that the extra load does not throw the e-bike off balance so it is safer for you and your kids.

Dissipate Less And Ride More:

Unlike other e-bikes in the market, M-81 does not ditch you while still on the road. Integrated with a powerful motor accompanied by a 20AH cell battery with a high capacity 21700 battery cell, you dissipate less power and ride more.

The M-81 electric bike achieves an amazing 105+ miles per charge which makes it a great bet for mini vacations. The genuine battery and high-performance motor make it easier for you to commute without the worry of constant charging.

Redefining Convenience – Make Yourself At Home:

Comfort and ease are the prime factors that help in getting a joyful ride. Even if the work was a little hard or you couldn’t catch the sunset on time, a refreshing ride can save your mood. M-81 takes care of you by equipping features such as the EB 2.0 controller, multi-function LED, and friendly exterior which add convenience to your rides. The adaptability of the e-bike is immaculate and will easily fit into your lifestyle all thanks to its diverse variety of accessories.

Brighten Up The Day With The Lights:

Powered by the MUC chip, the M-81 equips a wide-angled LED headlight. Its waterproof nature makes it durable and compliant with rainy days. The brightness of 40 lumens gives off an extra bright light which enhances your visibility at night time so you don’t jump into problematic holes and dips.

The taillight has multiple modes each representing a signal. The combination of lights includes the indicators, brake lights, danger lights, etc. which not only aids you but is also convenient for others around you.

Grip and Brake, Win the Race:

Carrying extra load only seems to be a problem if the braking does not feel responsive enough. Logically, your e-bike does not brake well when you are carrying an extra load. M-81 takes care of this concern by equipping hydraulic disc brakes which provide precise braking ability. Even if you are riding at higher speeds the consistent performance of these brakes is golden in getting a safe and sound journey.

In addition to that the durable strip tires are designed in a way that gives better traction on the road. The glue tread patterns and aids you in having a controlled trip. The stab-resistant nature avoids the sensitivity of getting a flat tire journey which is excellent for reliable and stable drives.


Addmotor makes sure to exceed expectations. The Garootan M-81 is an economical and reliable choice for your adventurous soul No matter how rough your driving is, this electric bike ensures safety and a comfortable ride. So whether you want to take your kids to an outing or just commute to your workplace, ride in style and comfort with the advanced M-81 e-bike. For more information on the Garootan M-81 make sure to check out www.addmotor.com.