Hurricane Sandy flood damage cars parked at airport

Hurricane Sandy Aftermath: Storm Damaged Cars

In late October 2012 the east coast of the United States was pummeled by Hurricane Sandy, the largest Atlantic hurricane ever recorded. Sandy swept...
Roanoke lost colony

Roanoke: The Lost Colony

Perhaps one of the biggest unsolved mysteries of American History is the fate of the English colony settled at Roanoke. Originally financed and organized...
Star Dust

What Happened to the Star Dust?

When it comes to airline crashes, few have posed as many unanswered questions as the Star Dust. Originally scheduled to fly from Buenos Aires,...
Salton Sea

Accidental Bodies of Water: The Salton Sea

In 1904 there was no Salton Sea. The Salton sink occupied the vast expanse of land 40 miles south of Palm Springs, California with...
Dixie Square Mall

Abandoned: Dixie Square Mall

Dixie Square Mall has quite a history, despite standing in ruin for more than double the number of years it was in operation. Most...
Fort Carroll

Fort Carroll: Secure Bird Sanctuary?

In the mid-nineteenth century, Baltimore’s ports needed increased protection along the Patapsco River for the routes between Baltimore and Chesapeake Bay. By 1848, the...