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Best Deposit Methods to Use in An Online Casino

One of the best features any solid online casino can offer is support for multiple deposit methods. Doing so makes it easier for bettors to get funds into their player accounts and ensures they don’t need too many payment accounts just to deposit funds on different sites.

Thankfully, plenty of deposit methods exist nowadays — from common ones found on nearly every casino site to those seen less frequently that are just as good.

However, knowing which methods to use can be tricky since many options exist. Fortunately, some stand out above the rest and are rated as the best deposit methods for playing in an online casino.

Visa and Mastercard

While several new payment methods have been made available on online casinos in recent years, none come close to the support of Visa and Mastercard. These two card providers are supported by almost any casino and are the most common payment method.

Although both Visa and Mastercard offer credit and debit cards, there has been a shift in which cards are most widely accepted. This change prioritizes support for debit cards over credit cards and, in some cases, like in the UK, removes support for credit card deposits entirely.

In the US, major banks block gambling transactions made with credit cards. Amongst these are JPMorgan Chase, Capital One, Union Bank, Bank of America, and Huntington Bank.

Despite this, Visa and Mastercard remain the most popular way to deposit funds. Their extensive reach on websites, secure processing environments, and reasonable transaction fees all work together to make them the go-to for deposits.


As one of the first recognized ‘e-wallets,’ PayPal has massive support and is available in over 200 countries worldwide. Thanks to this expansive reach, it is also widely supported by many online casinos.

Aside from being incredibly secure, PayPal stands out from more traditional payment methods (like Visa and Mastercard) because there is no requirement for you to add a payment method when using it to add funds to a player account.

All that is needed is to link your pre-existing PayPal account, and you can move your funds from there. Getting funds into your PayPal wallet is also incredibly straightforward, as the platform provides many options to do so (including wire transfers, card payments, or direct bank transfers).

Due to the ease of this deposit method, finding various table games and slots using PayPal as a supported way to deposit funds is simple. The main downside, however, is PayPal’s transaction fees, as they are not always the best and might eat into what you have to play with more than you like.


Aside from PayPal, many other e-wallet providers offer quick and easy deposits into your player account. Because each of these is similar in providing excellent security, acceptable transaction fees, and broad support amongst casinos, they are generally all referred to together.

Some of the most commonly accepted and best e-wallet providers are:


Owned by PaySafe, Skrill is probably the second most widely accepted e-wallet provider next to PayPal. It allows entirely secure transactions and offers low transaction fees. Opening an account is simple, and linking it to your chosen online casino is a breeze.

Moreover, Skrill accounts are available to gamblers in over 131 countries, and the platform offers support for over 40 different currencies.


Another popular e-wallet offered by numerous online casinos is Neteller. Like the others, it allows you to credit a virtual wallet and then use the money to deposit into your casino player account securely. This e-wallet stands out because it strives for simplicity, making everything you do with it effortless.

Neteller is available to gamblers in over 103 countries and supports 22 currencies. For currencies it doesn’t natively support, it has automatic conversion to ensure that it can still be used when making deposits that require specific currencies.


Known as one of the most secure e-wallets, Paysafecard varies from competitors by using incredible security, including a 16-digit lock that users must enter to make deposits. While this may sound like overkill, in our current digital age, it is precisely the extra precaution many players prefer. The service also offers competitive service fees.

While the security features make this deposit method desirable to many, it is currently only offered in 60 countries—far less than other e-wallets. However, it supports around 27 currencies and does forex exchanges, making it suitable for most players.


With the ever-expanding reach of cryptocurrencies, many online casinos have opted to support deposits made using various crypto, such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

One of the most significant benefits of depositing using crypto is the security of such payments. Managed by the chosen cryptocurrency’s blockchain, deposits into player accounts are incredibly secure and have a very low likelihood of being intercepted.

Because depositing using this method also doesn’t require entering payment details on the casino website (or any other subsidiary website), many prefer it. Especially those who prefer their deposits to remain private.

The one drawback to these types of deposits is that service fees can vary drastically depending on the blockchain that needs to process the deposit. While they are generally low enough to be ignored, it is worth paying attention to what you’ll be charged if you do choose crypto as a deposit method.


There are many other great deposit methods available on various online casino sites. Many of these may be location specific, such as telephonic deposits. However, the ones we listed above are the proverbial cream of the crop and allow most players to deposit quickly and easily.

More than that, however, they offer safe environments to transact and the knowledge that your money will quickly reflect in your player account. This fact allows you to start playing and winning without any hassle.