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Awesome Ideas for Balloon Bouquets

A beautiful bouquet of roses, tulips, or peonies is a nice gift for sure, but what if you go the other way and surprise your birthday person with an unusual balloon bouquet?

Designers create wonderful compositions using ordinary air-filled or helium, latex, Mylar, twisting, confetti, glowing, surprise and bubble balloons. There are plenty of ideas, so you have all chances to make a unique gift!

Such a creative surprise will definitely provide a wow effect, which is necessary to make your gift stand out and make the birthday person remember it for a long time.

Helium & air-filled balloons bouquets

This is the standard option. Usually, a composition includes three or more items arranged in a cascade or a checkerboard pattern. This allows you to create centerpieces that look quite modern and elegant.

Air-filled balls are a popular alternative if you don’t care if your decorations won’t float in the air. Designers create wonderful compositions with special stands to make them easier to install, as well as options without them.

Table centerpieces

This option is a great way to decorate any party!

Today, you can choose from small options (just to create a mood and complement the existing table decor), as well as large and very effective ceiling-high compositions with Mylar balls and items filled with confetti!

Compositions with numbers

These bouquets will help you decorate your birthday, graduation party, or anniversary! Note that if you use helium number balloons for your bouquet, then it is better to choose other balloons of a size no less than 40″ so they can float in the air longer!

Gift bouquets with teddy bears, chocolate and cakes

If you want to make your loved one a perfect gift, then pay attention to this option.

Typically, designers create these masterpieces using helium balloons (a mix of latex, Mylar, and confetti items) attached to a chocolate-filled basket with a teddy bear inside. Do not forget to decorate the basket with fresh flowers and greenery, or ribbons and tinsel.

Bouquets with flowers

This option has been in trend for a long time, and we bet that it will never go out of style! It includes a set of different balloons attached to a basket filled with flowers. This is a great gift for your beloved, mother, sister, or daughter.

Just imagine: professional designers create bouquets from balloons of more than 5 different types and sizes, and they can add flowers of more than a hundred different colors!

Compositions with LED balloons

This stunning decoration will add vibes to a party décor of any style! You just need to wrap the bobo inflatables with thin LED strings or stick tiny LED lights into the big balloons.

Just turn the lights on when the evening comes, and their light, beautifully reflected from the latex surface, will create an unusually cozy atmosphere!

Inflatable money bouquet

If you just don’t know what to give to the birthday boy, then this idea may come in handy. You need to find a beautiful way to give him money, and this composition is one of the best options!

Buy a big transparent bobo balloon, stuff it with money, inflate it and tie it with a pretty colorful ribbon! Sometimes, people fill the balloon with helium, place it in a beautiful box, tie it inside, and then seal the box.

Black & Gold bouquet

This color combination has always been considered quite elegant and even chic, and today, it is one of the most trendy color palette options at parties. Large chrome-plated balls that playfully shine in the sun look especially beautiful in such compositions.

Bouquet of rose gold balloons

This is another shade that has gradually gained popularity and today has reached its peak in the world of party decorations. It’s a perfect choice for an engagement festivity, wedding, birthday, or just a friendly party in pastel colors!

Add gold, peach, and white inflatables or decorative elements to your bouquet for the most beautiful color combo!

Baby shower/Gender reveal bouquets

The designers believe that a 36” black balloon filled with smaller blue or pink balloons, as well as glitter confetti and cornstarch powder is an ideal option for creating this composition. Add some transparent confetti-filled items along with a unique Mylar balloon to complete the composition.