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Are Casino Bonuses Worth It

Casinos offer a variety of different bonuses and promotional offers. These are used as promotional tools to reward loyal players and to entice new ones to try out casino games. Bonuses come in many different forms and they are usually most generous when directed towards new users.

Bonuses aren’t free and players need to fulfill wagering requirements before being able to withdraw them. These are often much steeper than it seems making the bonuses worth less as well. Players often use resources such as WeGamble to compare and contrast different casinos and their bonus policies before they choose the one that suits them best.

How to decide if a Bonus is Worth It?

Bonuses can be a great deal. They allow the players to try out games and lower the risk when betting. When used correctly a bonus can increase your winnings and give you a leg up after a few bad turns. However, it’s not in the interest of the gambling establishment to give out free money.

The worth of the bonus also depends on the wagering requirements that the casino is attached to. When deciding whether to use a bonus or not, there are a few major factors a player should take into account.

Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements are the most important feature of a casino bonus that a player should be aware of. It refers to the wagers the player needs to make in order to be allowed to withdraw the bonus. In many cases, the wagering requirements are much higher than the actual amount the player gets from a bonus.

When the wagering requirements are too high, the bonus itself isn’t worth it. For instance, if you need to bet $500 so that you can withdraw a $100 bonus, it’s best not to use the bonus in the first place.

Bonus Size

The amount you’re getting depends on which casino you’re using and what kind of bonuses are available. This isn’t to say that the bonuses that provide the biggest amount are always the best. Deposit match bonuses also depend on how much a player is willing to add to their own account.

The best course of action is usually to compare the amount you’re getting with how much you’ll need to bet on your own to withdraw the bonus.  Players should be aware that if a deal seems too good to be true, that’s probably because it’s not.

What Kind of Bonuses are there?

Not all casino bonuses are made the same. There are more than a dozen different forms of bonuses and not all players are eligible for all of them. Some bonuses are made to be more generous than others as they are made to attract new players. In some cases, new casinos offer better bonuses with lower requirements, as a way to establish themselves amongst the competitors.

In this article, we’ll analyze some of the most popular bonus options and outline the type of player that could make the most out of them.

Welcome Bonus

Welcome bonuses are issued to every player as soon as they set up an account. This bonus is usually the most generous one and it is the easiest to use since the casinos attract new players with such bonuses. This doesn’t mean that welcome bonuses are free money – for the most part, they come with wagering requirements.

Sometimes casinos provide welcome bonuses that can only be used in certain games. For instance, a casino can provide a welcome bonus you can spend as you wish and an additional bonus that can only be used on slot games.

Deposit Match

Matching a deposit that the player makes to their casino account is also a common way to provide a bonus. These bonuses are often offered to new players for the first couple of deposits.  A 100 percent match means that if a player adds $100 to their account the casino will add $100.

The part of the funds that’s added by the casino, can’t be withdrawn until you meet the wagering requirements set for it. In most cases, the wagering requirement for a matching deposit bonus is 100 percent of the bonus, meaning that the player needs to double the bonus to use it.

No Deposit Bonus

A no-deposit bonus is one of the rarest bonuses out there. It’s mostly issued to new players and some casinos don’t provide this type of bonus at all. The bonus is issued before the player deposits any funds to their account, at all. The amount of the bonus is therefore not connected to how much funds the player has and it’s usually the same for all players.

No deposit bonuses usually have a rather high wagering requirement. If these are set too high a no deposit bonus isn’t always worth it.

A Payment Method Bonus

Payment method bonuses are issued to players using a particular payment method. These can come in the form of a deposit cleared once the player chooses their payment method or choice. In these cases, the bonus has the same wagering requirements as a deposit bonus.

Another way to go is for casinos to cut or lower fees for withdrawing funds, using a particular payment method. This approach often proves to be the most lucrative, over time, as players keep withdrawing their winnings. Some casinos, however, often offer a direct deposit if a player uses a certain cryptocurrency as their payment option of choice.

High-Roller Bonuses

High-roller bonuses are designed to reward high-rollers. Sometimes they are issued to every player that adds a certain amount to their casino account and in other cases, these bonuses are made for high-roller tournaments only. High-roller bonuses usually aren’t about rewarding more funds to the players.

Instead, they focus on lower fees or rewarding free turns and spins on smaller, less demanding games, such as slots or dice. What constitutes a high-roller is different from one casino to another. Wagering requirements set for high-roller bonuses are usually lower than those for regular players.

Referral Bonuses

Referral bonuses are awarded when a player refers someone to a casino. This is mostly done by providing a code that a person can use when setting up a new account. The casinos reward this service with a deposit bonus.

Such bonuses also come with wagering requirements attached, but they are usually lower and the amounts are pretty high even though they vary from one casino to another. Bringing in new players is one of the most valuable assets for a casino and they reward it.

To Sum Up

Casino bonuses can be a useful tool for both the casino and the players. Casinos use them as a way to entice players to keep playing without having to bet on their own and the players see them as a gift from the casino. The key is in choosing when a casino is worth using and when it’s too costly to do so.

Different types of bonuses have different wagering requirements as well as amounts. By doing careful research and comparing and contrasting different bonuses and casinos, players can get the most out of these promotions. This is especially the case for novice players as many of the bonuses are aimed towards new players.