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A Travel Hacker’s Guide to Enjoying Airport Lounge Perks on a Budget

Flying can be such an exciting experience —from waiting for your flight to board, to take-off, and being in the sky. You may be wondering how it’s possible to have fun while waiting for your flight to be announced at a busy airport. Well, time flies when you are at an airport lounge. Not many people know how fun and relaxing airport lounges are because it is a travel expense that not many want to invest in. We are here to let you know that it is not as expensive as you might think. Or, it won’t be if you follow our travel hacker’s guide to enjoying airport lounge perks on a budget.

Tip 1: One-Time Admission

If you have never been to an airport lounge before, you should test if it is something that you actually like by getting a day pass to try it out. You can find a variety of budget-friendly day passes for airport lounges in the UK and across the globe on bookfhr.com and book the one that interests you the most. You will notice that although they are called day passes, they rarely last for 24 hours. Thus, you should plan your travel day cleverly so that you have enough time to use and evaluate the services and the overall experience at an airport lounge.

Tip 2: Credit Card Perks

If you are a credit card user, you may have the benefit of entering specific airport lounges for free. This is true for most credit card programs, but usually, terms and conditions apply. You can check your agreement or call your bank and see if you have any such perks. If you do, it would be a shame not to enjoy them.

Tip 3: Airline Rewards

Individuals who fly frequently with a specific airline are likely to be eligible to receive rewards from the air business. Of course, if you would like something like that to happen to you, you need to enrol in your favourite airline’s frequent flyer programme so that they know that you are a loyal customer. This is simple as you only need to create an account, and then it is up to you how to make the most of your air miles. As you can tell, one of the perks that frequent fliers enjoy is access to the airline’s airport lounges all around the world.

Tip 4: Airport Lounge Subscriptions

Enjoying airport lounge perks on a budget for frequent travellers is also possible if they invest in an annual lounge subscription. Again, this suggestion is profitable for people who travel a lot and like the lounge atmosphere. You should do your research and compare subscription packages before you choose one. These subscriptions are valid for a year, so if your circumstances change, you can move on to another, more suitable plan.