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8 Amazing Crypto Casino Wins

Realistically, the chances of winning big at a crypto casino are slim.

But nothing is wrong with dreaming.

And, call it luck, the universe’s alignment, or pure skill, some individuals have pulled off amazing crypto casino wins in recent times.

Grab a chair as we highlight some of them. Seriously, grab a chair; you might be startled.

1. 11,000 BTC Rolling Crypto Dice

If this had happened in today’s market, the winner, known as Nakowa, would have been $381,760,500 richer. They would be set for life. However, even in September 2013, when one BTC sold at $133, Nakowa still made a staggering $1,463,000 from one weekend’s roll of the dice at a popular crypto dice gaming site.

2. 524.7 BTC Might of Ra Win on Live Twitch Stream

If you’re familiar with the popular Twitch streamer Trainwreck, you probably heard about this win in March 2022. If you’re not, Trainwreck is a popular American live streamer known for chatting, gaming, and gambling on his live streams.

And that’s what makes this crypto win amazing: He placed the bet while playing the Might of Ra video slot and won in the presence of millions of viewers. It was a meager (compared to his winnings, of course) 0.2BTC stake, which hit a mouth-watering 22,550x multiplier.

3. 260 BTC Progressive Jackpot Win

Actually, it was 259.74 BTC, and this player, only identified as #28ea0d38e1, won it at one of the trending Bitcoin jackpot slots back in 2017. They placed an initial 0.1 BTC stake on a video slot progressive jackpot and got rewarded 2597.4-fold. The winning was equivalent to $275,981.54 at the time, but the value would have been around $9 million at today’s exchange rate.

4. 216 BTC on Play ‘n Go Spin

This win was by yet another anonymous player who placed a simple 0.16 BTC bet, increased their stakes by a thousand folds, and refused to call it a day. It sounds scripted, but it isn’t.

The female player placed the bet on a single spin while playing a game named Troll Hunters by gaming provider Play n‘ Go. And, with all that leverage, she took advantage by further wagering some of her winnings to bring her total take-home after the session to 216 BTC.

5. 49.22 BTC In A Single Spin, and 87 BTC In One Night

Seriously, it’s not made up.

The anonymous winner made a straight-up wager on a single number while playing Lightning Roulette, and their bet was supercharged with a 500:1 payout. And, voilà! A 49.22 BTC win on a mere 0.09844 BTC initial stake.

Most people would have called it a day at that point, but not this person. They figured they’d taken some and wouldn’t mind some more by placing more bets. And, take some more they did as they closed the night on a total win of 87 BTC.

6. 53 BTC On a Live Roulette Bet

This win is particularly amazing because you can’t exactly attribute it all to luck, as the anonymous winner accrued this total amount across multiple bets. By taking advantage of the high staking limits and applying their roulette skills, they were able to manage a series of small wins, resulting in a huge profit at the end of the gaming session.

The fiat value of the win came down to $340,000 in September 2018.

7. 29 BTC Jackpot Bonanza on Newbie Bonus

Beginner’s luck doesn’t come bigger than this. This anonymous player stepped onto an online casino in May 2020 to test the waters of online gambling, and what do you know? They hit the online slots jackpot in one sitting. The total value came down to $250,000 at the time. Today, 1 BTC is worth $34,676.68, so they’d be sitting on a fortune of over $1 million if they’ve held on to their Bitcoin. There was no need to demonstrate any serious gaming skills or strategies. Just spinning the wheel at the right time.

8. 9.19 BTC on a 128X Multiplier Playing First-Person Mega Ball

Although it isn’t as huge as the other winnings on this list, this happened recently, in March 2023. The player, only identified by his player ID 8582928, placed a bet worth $2,174.85 while playing the First Person Mega Ball. However, luck smiled at them as they landed a 128x multiplier that saw their winnings go through the roof.


Playing the lottery, they say, is foolish until you win more than you have ever spent on lottery tickets and wise until you win the jackpot.

The lucky winners on this list have undoubtedly won more than they ever spent at online crypto casinos. While you probably won’t be next in line, it doesn’t hurt to keep dreaming!