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5 Yes-Worthy Wedding Proposal Ideas

For most women, wedding proposal is one of the best and most memorable days in their lives. Some even dream of it even when they’re still young. Because this defines who they give their hands to for marriage and grow old with, who wouldn’t want it to be very special?

On the other hand, planning a wedding proposal from a man’s perspective can also be nerve-wracking. Who wouldn’t want to give the best wedding proposal to the love of his life?  The pressure of being able to give your partner a yes-worthy wedding proposal is truly daunting, and it’s usually what makes it harder to plan.

After getting an engagement ring and writing your popping-the-question speech, planning the whole event without it being known by your partner is the next thing to do. As you go about this, one important tip to remember is to integrate your love story and the memories you’ve shared. Doing so will make it extra unique and impressive. Thus, she’ll genuinely love it!

If you’re planning to ask your girlfriend’s hand for marriage soon, here are some proposal ideas that’d surely earn you her most saccharine YES:

1. Breakfast In Bed Proposal

Serving breakfast in bed is already a sweet gesture you can give your partner. How much more proposing to her during a delightful meal?

However, if you seek to do this way of a proposal, it’d be best to elevate the type of meal she’ll be having instead of serving the same basic egg and sausages. You can also make it extra special by doing this in a fancy hotel room, with a hotel room service delivering the food. Presenting each plate with a silver food cover can make things more exciting as well.

Moreover, so that revealing the ring on the last plate you’ll have to uncover would be extra-unforgettable, choose from among the most unique engagement rings you can find in the market.

2. Post It Note Proposal

Creativity is a plus factor in this proposal, which is quite ideal.

As the quote says, it’s the thought that counts; this way of proposing to your special person may not involve as much money and as fancy as the others, but it’ll genuinely show your creativity plus the effort you’ve poured into making it happen.

What you can do is design a wall of sticky notes resembling the words ‘Will you marry me?’ You can also write some love messages you have for her on the sticky notes. After the proposal, you can collect all the letters and keep them as a remembrance of this special day.

3. Customized Proposal Book

If you seek to show your creative side, but want to make it more intimate between you two, you can do a customized proposal book.

You can make a flip book by cutting out square note pads. In the said flip book, you can draw your love story and finish the book with an animation proposal. You can also create a ring holder at the end of the book and place the ring there. As she flips the last page, she’ll see your engagement ring for her as you pop the question.

4. Go Back To Where You First Met

It’ll be ideal to have the place where you first met each other as the proposal venue. Doing such will spark that memory in her mind and allow her to reminisce the beauty of that day.

You can set up a special dinner date in the area, along with a sweet serenade from a violinist. You can also make it lowkey by having a picnic instead. Simply put, incorporating sweet elements in the area where you first met each other will make your wedding proposal extra memorable.

5. Give Her A Pet

If your partner is an animal lover, you can always leverage that sweet spot in her heart and give her a pet. Not only will the pet please her, but it’ll also make your wedding proposal quite thoughtful. You can attach the ring to the collar of the pet. When she notices the ring on her new pet’s collar, this is also the time for you to ask her to marry you.


Indeed, the wedding proposal is one of the most exciting and memorable events in a couple’s life. Therefore, you surely want to make yours unique and unforgettable.

You can always go the classic route, or you can also come up with a unique proposal that’s both organic and exceptional. But, whichever way you desire to do it, what’s essential is you focus it on how your relationship has been. Doing so will make it more sentimental and heart-melting.

If you’re ready for marriage and is looking for ideas to make your dream proposal happen, considering the above ideas will undoubtedly lead you to a yes-worthy wedding proposal.