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5 Ways to Know if You Should Take an Alcoholic Self-Assessment Quiz

Alcohol consumption has increased in recent years putting many people at risk for alcoholism. While occasional or social drinking isn’t always a problem, some people seem to be turning to alcohol for the wrong reasons and drinking too much. If you’ve noticed recent changes in your drinking habits, you may want to take an alcohol self-assessment quiz to help determine if you have issues that need attention or are prone to alcoholism.

If you’re thinking that you may need to take the alcohol self-assessment quiz, then you probably should. If you have doubts, here are 5 ways to know if you really should take the alcohol self-assessment quiz.

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Strong Urges to Drink

Many people drink in social situations or have a glass of wine with dinner. This is much different than having cravings or strong urges to drink. When the bloodstream is constantly flooded with alcohol and it suddenly stops, the user may experience strong cravings. The urge to drink will likely not stop until the body gets the alcohol it so desperately wants.

Negative Consequences

Many times, excessive drinking has negative consequences. It can interfere with work, school, or other daily responsibilities. When someone continues to drink despite those negative consequences, it may be time to take an alcohol self-assessment quiz. Continuing to drink alcohol despite the negative consequences it presents is a sign of dependence and addiction.

Drinking to Oblivion

Having a few drinks with dinner or out with friends is often not a big deal. However, when a drink or two turns into a blackout, it’s a problem. Drinking to the point of oblivion is a red flag warning that it’s time to slow down. If you tend to wake up wondering what happened the night before after a few drinks, then you may want to take the alcohol self-assessment quiz.

Hiding Your Habit

If you hide alcohol around the house or if you hide your drinking from friends and family because you don’t want to hear their thoughts on the subject, then it may be time to address the issue. If friends and family are concerned about your drinking habits, it may be time to get treatment. Their concern is for your well-being and alcoholism is hazardous to your health.

Guilty Feelings

If you feel guilty about your drinking habit, then you may need help. Those who don’t have a problem have nothing to feel guilty about. Drinking to oblivion or blacking out often means you may have done things you were ashamed of in your drunken state. If this has happened more than once or you just feel guilty about drinking, then you should probably take the alcohol self-assessment quiz.

Alcohol Self-Assessment Quiz

The alcohol self-assessment quiz was put together by the World Health Organization (WHO) for use by individuals and healthcare professionals. It’s a simple 10-question multiple-choice quiz where each answer has been assigned a point value. After taking the quiz, you simply add up the points from your answers to see if you may have a problem with alcohol. Anyone can take the alcohol self-assessment quiz and you don’t have to take the quiz to get help for your drinking.

If you think you may have a drinking problem or maybe an alcoholic, seek medical intervention immediately. It can be dangerous to abruptly stop drinking if you are an alcoholic, but it is possible to stop safely with the right help. A comprehensive treatment program can help you safely detox from alcohol and learn new coping skills to live your best sober life.