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5 things it doesn’t pay to save on

Each of us would probably like to have as much money as possible, wouldn’t we? That’s why we work hard, earn money at work, take up various after-hours activities bringing us extra earnings, play games like online poker in Poland or sports betting counting on winnings, read a lot of guides on saving money, reduce the costs of everyday life, reduce expenses, deny ourselves many things and pleasures just to have more in our account. For various reasons. Maybe we are saving for something, maybe we have debts to pay off, maybe we want to be able to treat ourselves to an exotic trip, buy a house… or just to be able to sleep with a sense of financial security.

There are many reasons for saving, everyone has their own. But did you know that there are a few areas where it is not worth saving at all costs? By this we do not mean throwing money around left and right without thinking, but rather that it is not worth looking at every penny from all sides before spending it and always choosing the cheapest solution. In some cases, this almost never works!

So what is not worth saving money on?

Today, we would like to present you with five areas where excessive saving will not do us any good. What’s more, the opposite may even happen – i.e. you need to spend more money! What are these areas? We invite you to take a few moments to read this paper, because you are about to find out! As a mood booster, we can give you an additional tip that is not worth saving money on. These are casino games. If you are interested in gambling, know what it entails, what its advantages and disadvantages are, then you might consider taking it up seriously. That is, stop playing just the free demo games at Stay casino 20 free spins and switch to the same games, but this time for real money!

Never save money on your health!

This is the first and most important point. Never save money on anything that has anything to do with your health. Are you facing a periodic visit to the doctor? Go for it and then give yourself all the tests ordered, even if some of them will be costly. X-rays, blood tests, going to the dentist and getting your teeth treated, surgery in a private practice… It’s not worth giving up or settling for the cheapest possible solutions. Of course, if you manage to get some or all of your treatment under the National Health Fund, that would be great, but if not – don’t ignore it!

Health also includes self-care, sports and physical activity in general. If you like cycling, make sure you have decent equipment, not the cheapest bike you can find on the market. We don’t mean that you should have a state-of-the-art bike for several thousand PLN, because if you are not a professional cyclist, you will not use even a small part of its capabilities anyway. What we mean is that you need to choose a bike according to your height and area of use. For example, a road bike is not suitable for riding on forest trails, and a typical mountain or felt bike is absolutely not suitable for daily city commuting.

Equipment and accessories used for professional work

If you are self-employed or otherwise use self-purchased equipment for professional work, make sure you are comfortable. Again – we don’t mean investing huge sums in the best accessories or equipment available on the market. Rather, it’s about making sure that we work efficiently, smoothly, comfortably and that our equipment does not suffer from excessive failure rates.

For example, if you work on a computer for many hours a day, make sure you have a high-quality monitor for good image quality, a decent mouse and keyboard, and a computer itself with adequate performance. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive and state-of-the-art equipment on the market. The point is to select it according to your needs and intended use. Whether you work with office software, are a graphic designer or simply spend your free time on entertainment such as video games or gambling games for free slots. Simply the cheapest computer from the market with a small, cheap monitor and a Chinese mouse and keyboard for a dozen or so zlotys will also allow you to work, but the comfort of this solution will definitely be below criticism.

Professional development

Another thing you should not save on is investing in yourself. It’s always worth spending some money on developing your own skills, getting useful certificates for new qualifications at work, mastering new languages (if they can be useful to you in your career) and so on.

In the end, you can expect that spending, for example, a few hundred zloty out of your own pocket on a new course, training or skills certificate may translate into you being able to change your current job to one that provides you with a much better salary or better conditions in general.


The next element of our daily lives that is never worth saving on is our own safety. And this includes a really wide range of different kinds of aspects. Both active and passive safety.

For example, let’s focus on driving a car that provides us with the right level of safety. And by this we do not mean spending everything we have on the most expensive and best performing model in the tests. Rather, what we mean here is to make sure that the car we currently have is in excellent technical condition, far from the popular ‘wire’. Let’s make sure that we have good quality tyres (new or a few years old at the most, far from being in a state of severe wear, not cracked, etc.). That the suspension of the car is in good enough condition, that there is no play in the suspension, that the car drives confidently and does not pull to one side. That the brakes work well on all wheels and that the brake pads are in good condition. Sometimes a small investment in a car can make a big difference. It is not necessary to buy a new one straight away.

Another issue is the house, for example. It is worthwhile making sure that all critical systems are in good working order. Then, when we go on holiday, we don’t have to worry, for example, about a water pipe bursting and flooding the whole house. Or whether there is a short circuit and everything burns down as a result. So it’s worth taking care of these things, installing smoke or carbon monoxide detectors, burglar alarms and simply insuring our possessions and the whole house.


The final item on our list is the food we eat every day. This is probably the most important thing you should never save on. And again – it’s not about buying only the most expensive products available on the market, but proceeding with your head. Here are some tips to remember:

  • Give up fast food. If you can’t do without them at all, then reduce the frequency of your consumption as much as possible.
  • Try to buy fruit and vegetables from producers and not from supermarkets. Produce from organic farming, markets or directly from farmers and fruit growers. They will be healthier, less processed, without chemicals used to keep them fresh for longer and not packaged in plastic.
  • Avoid alcohol – keep alcohol consumption to an absolute minimum.
  • Don’t buy the cheapest products, ready meals from supermarkets, cheap preserves and supermarket private label food. This is usually the lowest quality food, without any value.