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5 Things a Step-Parent Should Never Do

Things a Step-Parent Should Never Do

Step-parents often face many challenges as they balance their role in a blended family. It can be difficult to learn how to best support and nurture children who are not biologically yours.

However, there are some common pitfalls that step-parents should avoid to ensure a healthy and successful relationship with their stepchildren.

Never Try to Replace the Biological Parent

One of the most important things for a step-parent to remember is that they should never try to replace the biological parent. While it may be tempting to try and fill the shoes of the absent parent, this can create resentment from both sides and lead to long-term issues in your relationship with your stepchildren.

A good rule of thumb is that if you wouldn’t do something if the biological parent were present, then don’t do it when they’re absent either.

Never Play Favorites

It’s essential for step-parents not to play favorites with their stepchildren. It’s natural for you to feel closer or more connected with some of your stepsons or daughters than others, but it’s important not to show favoritism towards any one child over another.

Doing so can cause hurt feelings and resentment between siblings and make them blame each other or even you for any perceived unfairness or unjust treatment.

Never Show Disrespect Towards Your Partner’s Ex

No matter how strained your relationship is with your spouse’s ex, it’s important for you as a step-parent never to show disrespect towards them in front of the children. Doing so will make them feel uncomfortable and put them in an awkward position between two adults that are supposed to care about them.

By treating each other with respect, you’re setting an example for your children on how adults should behave when faced with difficult relationships—which will help shape their own behavior when they grow up and have difficult relationships of their own later on in life.

Never Take Sides In Disputes With Your Spouse

It can be tempting as a step-parent at times to take sides in disputes between your spouse and his/her children; however, this is something that should be avoided at all costs.

Taking sides will only increase tension between everyone involved; instead, focus on being an impartial mediator who listens carefully before offering advice or assistance where needed. This approach will help keep everyone focused on resolving whatever issue is at hand without involving unnecessary drama or conflict.

Never Overstep Your Boundaries

Step-parents need to remember that above all else, they are there as support figures—not disciplinarians or parental figures—for their spouse’s children.

It’s important not to disrespect boundaries set by either parents nor push too hard into being seen as an authority figure; instead, take time getting familiar with each child before assuming any kind of parental role in order to establish trust first before attempting any sort of disciplinary action if necessary down the road.


Being a successful “stepparent” requires patience, understanding, and dedication—and following these five tips will help ensure that everyone involved has a positive experience building lasting relationships within the blended family unit! Remember: no matter what situation arises, always strive focus on maintaining open communication between all parties involved and continue nurturing the bond between yourself and your stepsons/daughters so that everyone feels comfortable within their new family dynamic. Good luck!