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4 Modern Gift Ideas for Your Friends and Family

Choosing a gift is a very special activity, especially when you’re looking for a friend or family member. However, finding something fitting for a particularly modern person may be difficult, especially if you aren’t extremely close. If you’re struggling to come up with ideas, here are four modern gift ideas for your friends and family.

1. Online Money Transfers

Sometimes, the best gift you can give is money. After all, you can’t know exactly what a person needs or wants at all times. You can show your love by providing a choice.

In the modern age, the best way to conduct gifting with money is online. Not only is this easier to handle, but it also provides a safer option for the receiver. You can send a gift card or simply a monetary amount within a minute. As long as you attach a heartfelt message, this type of gift is likely to be well-received.

2. Video Tools

Ever since the advent of TikTok and other social media platforms, video content has been dominating the web. More than ever, young people are making videos on a regular basis. Therefore, providing a friend or loved one with video tools could be an amazing gift.

One such option to consider is lighting tools. Lighting can be difficult to perfect, especially if you’re just starting out. Therefore, having tools like ring lights and color projectors can be indispensable.

Another option to look at is editing tools. While creating a video takes a lot of work, editing is crucial to making the final product. Without the right programs, even the most well-shot video won’t look amazing.

3. Charity Donations

In the last decade or so, contributing to social and political causes has become more popular than ever. Social media alone has brought more awareness to these causes than ever before. Therefore, if the gift receiver is active in the community, you might want to give the money you set aside to a charity.

When packaging this present, be sure to include information about the nonprofit and how it’s run. This allows the gift receiver to know your money is going to a great place. You’ll also want to display contact information very clearly.

4. Trending TikTok Products

It’s hard to go wrong with a trending TikTok product, especially when shopping for younger friends and family. As long as the item seems like something your friend or family member would like, it’s bound to go over well.

Start by considering types of items. Would your loved one prefer clothing or an appliance/toy? If the receiver would enjoy clothing and shoes, you could buy sliders or a cropped sweatshirt. If the receiver likes appliances and toys better, you might want to get one of the ever-popular Squishmallows.

In many cases, you may find that the original product is sold out or on a break. Don’t worry when this happens! Products that go viral on TikTok are bound to have nearly identical options, so you should still be able to find something suitable.

Finding a gift is never easy. Despite this, it’s hard to go wrong when it comes to people you love. As long as you consider what your modern friend appreciates, you’re sure to find something fitting!