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4 Major Benefits of E-sports betting with PayPal

It’s essential to sign-up with legitimate betting sites when wagering on eSports games. This is why bettors should ensure their chosen sites are secured, legal, and honest through necessary checks. However, many punters might overlook this part and register with the first betting operator that comes along. This is not ideal, and this is where a site with PayPal comes in.

PayPal is a payment system that only supports legal gambling. You can’t transact shady deals with them, and the company has thoroughly vetted every operator that accepts them. Essentially, betting sites PayPal are always legit and constantly offer top-notch features that make wagering on your favorite ESports team a piece of cake.

According to Kate Richardson, an esteemed tipster, PayPal betting offers gamblers screened websites through its rigorous vetting process. This is why punters can never lose their money on these platforms. For more insights on sports betting, you can follow Richardson for advice, tips, and recommendations. This link will take you to her profile.

How to Bet On E-sports with PayPal

It’s easy to set up your PayPal account with ESports betting platforms if you follow these simple procedures:

1. Sign Up for an Account

Signing up can be a bit of a long process, but it’s worth it in the end. You can register through these few steps:

  • Sign Up at www.paypal.com
  • Select Personal account when registering
  • Enter your email address, location, and password
  • You’ll be required to submit other information
  • You can link your credit card or bank account to the payment system — which is optional.
  • You can now verify your email address to open your account.

2. Make an ESports Bet with PayPal

  • Sign up with a platform that accepts the payment system
  • Link your PayPal account to your gambling account
  • Make your deposits and wager on games successfully.

4 Benefits Of Esports Betting With PayPal

The advantages of paying and withdrawing with the payment system for E-Sports betting are extensive, but these are the top benefits:

I. Secured Transaction

E-Sports betting sites that accept PayPal have been thoroughly investigated and verified before they can offer the payment system. Most platforms use this as a “verification badge” to inform their users of their legitimacy.

While it isn’t the cheapest, transactions with this payment system are arguably the safest. They monitor your transactions and ensure no one tries to rip you off your money.

It also uses encryption technology like SSL technology to give you a secured withdrawal and deposit process. The best part is that you can report suspicious transactions using their fraud protection service — a perfect solution to PayPal betting platforms that want to cart away with your money.

II. Faster Withdrawals

The nemesis of most bettors is slow withdrawals. Many bank transactions take up to a week and aren’t always the best option if you need your winnings urgently. PayPal gets your winnings from wagering on e-Sports games almost instantly. Although minor checks might delay your withdrawal, they release your money once you’re cleared.

It’s important to note that the platform frowns on illegal gambling and may withhold your money if you’re gambling from countries that haven’t legalized competitive virtual gaming. Even if some ‘minor checks’ hold you back, you should get your money within three days. These virtual withdrawals make life better for punters who expect the best from online payment systems.

III. Easy Website Navigation

Website quality is vital to stress-free transactions. PayPal ensures you don’t spend minutes searching for deposit options. Their website is easily navigable and has top-notch mobile compatibility, a smooth user interface, and intelligent representation. While these might not seem like a big deal, they are vital aids that ensure you don’t have difficulties handling your payments and deposits.

This is possible through user-friendly designs that make everything seem straightforward, an informative website that points you to where you need to go, and a showcase of their brand’s personality that helps users understand them better.

IV. Effective Customer Support

Customer support is essential when dealing with online transactions, and PayPal strives to provide easy accessibility between bettors and customer service teams. Using their betting sites means you can access customer support on several platforms like Twitter and Facebook via private messaging.

You can also reach out to representatives by clicking on the “Other Ways To Contact Us” options at the bottom of their page. While they don’t accept emails anymore, you can call them; ask the PayPal community your questions to see if anyone has a solution to it, or click on ‘Message Us’ to speak to an automated assistant.

The upside is that there are several ways to contact them for complaints and questions, which is a top priority for bettors sending their money through betting platforms.

Final Notes

ESports is a growing industry with significant profits for gamblers that bet on the right teams. This makes getting an honest platform and payment system a priority, which is what PayPal offers you.

You can use this payment method to ensure your transactions are safe and your withdrawals fast and effective, making it a win-win for everyone.

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PayPal has been a top payment system since the 2000s. Discover the benefits associated with using the transaction method to bet on eSports.