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4 Apartment-Friendly Pets

Many people rent, which can be a challenge when it comes to owning a pet or multiple pets. While many places don’t allow pets at all, some of them do. But, even if your property management company or landlord allows pets, you’ll still need to consider finding a pet that’s a good fit for you and for the space you have available.

And, unless you’re renting out an entire home, it’s usually better to find a pet that’s well-suited for living indoors and won’t bother your neighbors. So, if you’re looking for an apartment-friendly or rental-friendly pet, here are some good options.

First, One Important Tip!

Before jumping into some of the best options for pets, ensure that you’re checking on the pet policy where you live. Whether you’re already in a rental or looking for a new one, be sure the pet you want to get is allowed. 

Some pets are great for small spaces, but there might be restrictions on the species in your apartment complex or even in your city. It’s essential to reach out to your property manager to be sure. 

  • Leopard Geckos

While some places are more restrictive of reptiles than they should be, leopard geckos are an excellent option if reptiles are allowed in your rental. While some larger lizards, like the bearded dragon, might be better for small children, they need a much larger enclosure. 

A leopard gecko can be kept its entire life in a 20-gallon vivarium, and its overall care and set-up are relatively simple. 

  • Small Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed

It’s common for apartment complexes to allow dogs, but even if you can have any breed, you’ll want to consider what’s best for the dog. While it’s possible to keep larger dogs in an apartment, they’ll require more exercise, and they are more likely to have trouble with a smaller space. Some suitable small species that don’t shed very much include bichon frise, miniature schnauzers, and Shih Tzus. Overall, it’s hard to beat a dog when it comes to the level of companionship that they offer. But, they all require a good level of time and dedication. 

  • Fish

Fish are great for apartments because they don’t require much care once you have the set up done. They don’t make noisw and they can’t escape their aquarium or bother your neighbors. Most landlords are willing to let you have fish. 

Of course, you’ll likely want to start with a species or two that is easy to care for and can be kept in a smaller enclosure. And, while fish are lower maintenance pets, they do still have specific requirements depending on their exact species. So, as with any pet, do your research. 

  • Cats

Just like with dogs, there are a good number of places that allow renters to keep cats. But, when choosing a cat, be aware that they aren’t entirely hands-off. Most need a good amount of time and attention to really thrive, even if they are different from dogs in behavior. It’s also vital to ensure they have ample room to move around and have enough toys and enrichment to thrive. 

While these aren’t the only good pets for rentals, they are some to consider. Some other excellent options include guinea pigs, gerbils, crested geckos, and more.