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Maple Cottage at Forest Haven

Forest Haven Asylum: Abandoned Home for the Abandoned

Welcome to Forest Haven, one of the most deadly institutions in the United States. This asylum for the mentally ill was built not far the...


Sometimes Interesting reviews: "Review: Sometimes Interesting (website)" Dan Lett, Liquid Lunch Blog. January 15th, 2014. Picture of the City United Methodist Church courtesy Idiot Photographer **
St. Marys Mercy Hospital

Abandoned: St. Mary’s Mercy Hospital

In the final installment of the Gary series, we take a look at the skeleton of a healthcare organization founded over one hundred years...

The Most Contaminated Place on Earth: Chelyabinsk-40

Outside of the Chernobyl incident, we seldom hear about the nuclear laboratories and test facilities of the former U.S.S.R. One particular installation – Chelyabinsk-40...

S-I Appendix

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