Glenn Dale Hospital Adult Building Rear

Glenn Dale Hospital: Tuberculosis Sanatorium, Asbestos Asylum

Thirty minutes east of Washington D.C., a collection of brick buildings are deteriorating on a sixty-acre campus buried in a residential pocket of Glenn...
Morristown College

Morristown College: School of Freedom

Morristown, Tennessee, is rich in history. It was first settled in 1787, almost a decade before Tennessee became a state. The town played host...

Overhills: Former Rockefeller Estate Sequestered on Fort Bragg

For more than one hundred years the idyllic Overhills golf and hunt club in the foothills of North Carolina has remained hidden from the public...
Hudson River State Hospital

Hudson River State Hospital: Fourteen Decades of Mental Hygiene

Welcome to the Hudson River State Hospital, the first High Victorian Gothic institution built in the United States. Located in Poughkeepsie, New York, it...
Seaview Hospital bed

NYC Farm Colony & Seaview Hospital

Founded in 1830, the Staten Island Farm Colony was once a sprawling several-hundred acre campus. Sister facility Seaview Hospital was planned and built between...
Hackensack Water Company

Abandoned Waterworks: Hackensack Water Company

One hundred years ago utility companies used massive steam-powered engines to pump water throughout communities. These five-story behemoths were impressive for their time but...