Plymouth, Montserrat: Pompeii of the Caribbean

For centuries, the Georgian-era town of Plymouth served as the main port for Montserrat, a part of the Lesser Antilles in the West Indies....

Howard Johnson’s, Host of the Bygone Ways

For more than seven decades American roads were dotted with the familiar orange roof and blue cupola of the ubiquitous Howard Johnson’s restaurants and...
Buckner Building

The City Under One Roof: Buckner Building

After World War II plans were conceived by the U.S. military to construct a massive outpost in Alaska, due in part to the growing...

Ochamchire Abkhazia: Casualty of War

On the east coast of the Black Sea, about 125 miles (200km) south of Sochi, sits the shell of a once-vibrant town. Ochamchire (also Ochamchira) was...
Kolmanskop Namibia ghost town

Diamond in the Desert: Kolmanskop, Namibia

Once a thriving diamond-mining town, Kolmanskop is now abandoned, fighting a constant battle against the sandstorms and Mother Nature in the Namibian desert. Founded in...
World Discoverer ship wreck

Shipwrecked: World Discoverer Cruise Ship

Hidden in a remote bay of the Solomon Islands, the beached wreck of the German-built Liberian Cruise ship World Discoverer slowly rusts. Built in...