Blog Background

Sometimes Interesting started in mid-2011 as a personal blog of interesting things I had come across over time.

I thought Wikipedia was a good resource of information, but there was a dearth of visuals (and in some cases the site didn’t have articles on topics at all).

Flickr accounts provided vivid pictures but lacked detailed descriptions or history behind the subjects.

What if there was a website that combined both? And thus, Sometimes Interesting was born. In the years since, the blog has grown and I have been joined by contributors from all over the world.

Our goal is to span the globe and share neat places and world history. We feel each abandoned building tells a tale and every town has a story.

We are information seekers and urban explorers, not vandals.

Every place has a story. At Sometimes Interesting we’ll find, research, and compile them for you.


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Sometimes Interesting’s goal is to honor, preserve, raise awareness, and share history.

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The Appendix

It can be hard to keep track of and find stuff we’ve featured. You can see an entire listing of all Sometimes Interesting articles in the Appendix.

Listed in alphabetical order, of course.


“Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints”